The Yangtze is the world’s third longest river, running a 6,300-kilometer course that starts high in the Tibetan plateau and ends at the East China Sea near Shanghai.

On July 24, 2012, flood water was released from the Three Gorges Dam, the 22.5-GW hydropower project on the Yangtze River in central China. Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China. But, over a year-long period, both dams can generate about the same amount of electricity because seasonal variations in water availability on the Yangtze River in China limit power generation at Three Gorges for a number of months during the year. More recently, Wei et al. (2008) collected five ambient samples inside a large petrochemical plant in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, reporting the speciation profiles of the petrochemical industry. Aside from being the largest power station in China, the Three Gorges Dam is the largest in the world as well when it comes to producing hydroelectric power.

The white flag dolphin, called "baiji" in Chinese, was spotted in the Yangtze River in 2007. Three Gorges Dam has the largest hydroelectric capacity in China. The upper, central, and lower reaches of the Yangtze are the only home of endangered species including the snow leopard, giant panda and finless porpoise. This rich web of life is also one of China’s most important economic engines and accounts for 40 percent of the nation’s GDP. This megaproject, the largest water diversion scheme in the world, is restructuring the natural flow of two of China’s major river systems.

The dam was completed in 2008 and has an installed capacity of a massive 22,500 MW. This dam is supplied mainly by the Yangtze River and is located in China’s Yiling District. The Three Gorges Dam has a generating capacity of 22,500 megawatts (MW) compared to 14,000 MW for the Itaipu Dam. The Yangtze River Basin supports half of China’s total wild animal and plant species. Among the renewable energy sources in China, hydroelectricity is by far the largest. “We come here every week to check upon the progress. 1. Plants & Animals Near the Yangtze River Plants. Whether you are hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge, on a cruise ship in the Three Gorges, or visiting one of the sights on its banks — you'll find the Yangtze has carved a striking path through the landscape of China.
The dove tree... White Flag Dolphin.

Yangtze River Dolphin Distribution, Habitat, and Ecology Historically, the Yangtze River Dolphin, also known as the Baiji, primarily inhabited the lower half of the Yangtze River, in Asia .

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