How To : Origami a 3D striped cat. This origami video tutorial will teach you how to origami a 3D striped cat. 3d origami car tutorial origami car easy origami car origami car instructions how to make a origami car how to make an origami car how to make origami car how to fold an origam carorigami car … Fed up with traditional origami? Well, learn how to fold some three-dimensional origami! In the Air: Airplanes, Spaceships, etc. Airplanes: pg 1, 2 Balloon with Basket (M van Gelder) Fire Balloon (R Gretter) Helicopter (R Sabat) Jet (CY Hung) Lunar Lander (K Best) 3D Origami Rocket (origami-make) Easy Origami Rocket (origami-make) Rachel's Rocket: top, bottom (Katz) Rocket (M Vigo) Rocket (Choe/Rozelle) Rocket ( Rocket Ship (P Bailey) Space Rocket (artegami) The Shuttle … Make a 3d Origami Car.

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