As I look out the window of my office, onto the pigs, a comfort comes over me and I am thankful that my husband and I decided to try our hands at a little pig farming. The Gloucestershire Old Spots (also "Gloucester, Gloucester Old Spot, Gloucestershire Old Spot" [2] or simply "Old Spots" [3]) is an English breed of pig which is predominantly white with black spots.It is named after the county of Gloucestershire. Developed in Gloucestershire, England, the Gloucester Old Spot pig used to be a popular family farm pork breed. The Gloucestershire Old Spots breed is valued for its foraging ability and maternal instincts. The Primrose Herd - Gloucester Old Spot Belly Pork - Great Taste Awards 2014 Top 50 ... moist meat,” said our panel. Gloucestershire Old Spot pork recipes Because of its full flavour and good layer of fat our pork lends itself so well to the traditional roast. GOSA promotes the GOS herd population in the United States by supporting breeders, pork producers, small farmers, new farmers, chefs, University researchers, peer heritage breed conservancy's, and YOU.

We did a lot of research of heritage pigs before deciding to purchase two GOS gilts, LullaBelle and Daisy Mae in the Spring of 2014. The fat bastes the meat keeping it moist during cooking and, of course, gives the added bonus of crispy crackling! A large, predominately white pig with a few black spots, the Gloucestershire Old Spots has huge lopped ears that droop …

Gloucestershire Old Spots Farming from the Heart We are a modern-day homestead, a family farm offering the best quality, humanely raised meat and registered heritage breeding stock. The breed is known for its distinctive black spots, floppy ears, and ability to produce flavorful, succulent pork with generous fat and marbling. Grass Fed Meat & Poultry; Gloucester Old Spot Pork; Gloucester Old Spot Pork "Once you try Gloucestershire Old Spots pork, you'll turn your back on the tasteless, dried up, intensively reared pork forever." Our Heritage Pork comes from an old-world English breed. The Gloucester Old Spots Pig is a large, hardy breed which is distinguished by its black spots.

Welcome to GOSA (Gloucestershire Old Spots of America Inc): The founding breeders registry for GOS hogs in the United States. 5. Gloucestershire Old Spots. - Derek Cooper on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme. They became unpopular when intensive farming gave way to indoor-raised swine. The Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) is the oldest pedigreed spotted pig in the world, dating back to 1790. Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) Pigs . Photo by Robert Dowling Jersey cows deliver abundant milk that's high in butterfat. Old-World Flavor, Fit For A King. We knew we wanted better tasting meat from pasture raised pigs and these two were the … While mainly known as a commercial hog, this hardy, old breed produces flavorful, lean but well-marbled meat.

Said to be the largest pig ever bred in Britain. Gloucestershire Old Spots. An 1834 painting of a Gloucestershire Old Spot in the Gloucester City Museum & Art Gallery collection. We had been discussing how we could use the land to build a more sustainable life for ourselves and what animals might help us to achieve that goal.

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