Galeazzi. Colle's.

Chauffeur's fracture.

Chalkstick fracture.

The lifetime incidence of a metacarpal fracture is 2.5%. Some of the most common bone fracture types include: Transverse fracture. Metacarpal fractures are common. Treatment for a Hairline Fracture: The most important thing you can do to heal a stress fracture is rest. Fractures of the posterior malleolus are generally found in association with bimalleolar ankle fractures—in which case the injury is called a trimalleolar ankle fracture. A humerus fracture is a break in the large bone of your upper arm. Take time off from exercising. Galeazzi fracture-dislocation (Piedmont fracture/reverse Monteggia) Named after Italian surgeon Ricardo Galeazzi, the Galeazzi fracture-dislocation is a fracture of the middle to distal third of the radius associated with dislocation or disruption of the distal radioulnar joint (DRUJ) (Fig.

This includes the small bones of the fingers (phalanges) and the long bones within the palm (metacarpals). Clavicle fracture.

STUDY. They can be a simple fracture or compound fracture. Fractures to the cheekbone(s) might also involve breaks in other facial bones nearby. Common types of fractures include: Stable fracture. Child bone fracture. Broken ankles are painful and temporarily disabling.

These types of fractures are typically medical emergencies that require urgent treatment. A simple fracture, or closed fracture, cracks the bone but does not break the skin. distal radius (wrist) often with ulnar styloid fx; spoon fx. The broken ends of the bone line up and are barely out of place. There are two primary types of Fractures.

Generally the recovery time for a broken bone is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the circumstances of the injury. They may also be named after an activity with which they are associated. There are several types of humerus fractures, depending on the location of … A broken hand can be caused by a fall, crush injury, twisting injury, or through direct contact in sports. Learn and become confident about how to classify a fracture and present the xray findings for your exams and clinical practice. Wedge fractures are the most common type of lumbar fracture and are the typical compression fracture of malignancy or osteoporosis. Fractures are quite common and an average person has at least two fractures during a lifetime. Classification of distal radius fractures. Compound fractures, also called open fractures, are broken bones that penetrate through the skin and expose the bone and deep tissues to the exterior environment.

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