Standards for the management of open fractures of the lower limb details the optimal treatment for patients with these challenging injuries. This can range from a small skin laceration or puncture overlying the fractured bone to the extreme case of a bone protruding through the skin.

A closer look at principles of evaluation and management of open fractures is necessary if they are to be managed appropriately. Amount of soft tissue injury 3. 1. Most often, this wound is caused by a fragment of bone breaking through the skin at the moment of the injury. Definition of open fracture • A broken bone that is in communication through the skin with the environment 4. Open fractures are a common presentation to A&E, and require urgent assessment and management by the orthopaedic team.. Whilst most of these injuries can be safely managed on next day emergency lists, there are instances where emergency out-of-hours treatment is required.Left untreated, open fractures are associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality. An open fracture is a fracture that communicates with an overlying disruption of the skin and soft tissues. Presence/absence of NV injury 4. Open fracture with extensive soft-tissue laceration, damage, or loss or an open segmental fracture. 11/06/16 2 3. Degree of contamination 5. An open fracture requires different treatment than a closed fracture, in which there is no open wound. Open fractures are potentially limb-threatening injuries.

Actions. Classification • Gustilo and Anderson classification of open # – Based on 1. Mechanism. • A soft tissue injury complicated by a broken bone. Remove this ... Open Fracture Classification Gustilo and Anderson. They are also called compound fractures. An open fracture is one in which there is communication between the bone and the outside environment. Drawing on an extensive review of the published evidence and their personal experience, the authors set out each stage of the management pathway, including what to do if complications arise. Size of wound 2. management of Open fractures usually affects the ultimate outcome. Definition • Open fracture by definition is communication between external environment and the fracture. Classification & Management of OPEN FRACTURES Dr. Anshu Sharma Moderator: Dr. Rajat Jangir11/06/16 2. Management of Open Fractures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Open versus closed. An open fracture, also called a compound fracture, is a fracture in which there is an open wound or break in the skin near the site of the broken bone. Open Fractures Classification and Management.

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