Body of maxilla - Corpus maxillae Anatomical Parts.

A hole known as the infraorbital foramen is situated in the maxilla just underneath the orbit. PLAY. Anatomy: The Maxilla. The maxilla (or upper jaw bone, latin: maxilla) is a paired bone that has a body and four processes: frontal process, zygomatic process, palatine process, and alveolar process.The two maxillary bones (maxillae) are fused in the midline by the intermaxillary suture to form the upper jaw.. Each maxilla has five parts, including the body of the maxilla and four processes:
The maxilla forms the upper jaw, part of the floors of the eye sockets, or orbits, and the lower parts and sides of the nasal cavities. Illustrated anatomical parts with images from e-Anatomy and descriptions of anatomical structures The body presents the subsequent 4 surfaces: Nasal (medial) surface; Body of the Maxilla. Maxillae. Each maxilla has four processes ( frontal, zygomatic, alveolar, and palatine) and helps form the orbit, roof of the mouth, and the lateral walls of the nasal cavity. The maxillae (or maxillary bones) are a pair of symmetrical bones joined at the midline, which form the middle third of the face.Each maxilla forms the floor of the nasal cavity and parts of its lateral wall and roof, the roof of the oral cavity, contains the maxillary sinus, and contributes most of the inferior rim and floor of the orbit.Its alveolar process houses the teeth.

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Parts of the Maxilla. STUDY.

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Hint Answer; A hole in the maxilla containing air and emptying into the nasal cavity: Part that contains the holes for the maxillary process: Bony roof of the mouth 3/4 maxillary and 1/4 paletine Maxilla Bone Anatomy The two maxilla or maxillary bones (maxillae, plural) form the upper jaw (L., mala, jaw). It consists of 5 parts: a body and 4 processes.

Parts of the Maxillae. Maxilla is pyramidal in shape and has a large cavity inside called maxillary air sinus. In this series, we will discuss about the important structures of the maxilla and the mandible, with respect to implant surgery. incisive foramen.

consist of upper palate of mouth or maxilla or two halves that are fused at the intermaxillary suture to form the upper jaw. Its palatine process extends forward to create the hard palate. It is the second largest bone of the face.

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