The Advanced Disaster Medical Response course 37 is field oriented and outlines the following:.

Triage is a process whereby patients are sorted according to treatment priority, the purpose of which is to do the greatest good for the greatest number. It is hoped the system could ultimately be integrated into practice websites and medical records, ensuring effective triage at the beginning of a patient’s care pathway. • Guidelines for managing telephone inquiries and telephone triage are needed to facilitate appropriate Using Artificial Intelligence to help primary care triage 5 Oct. by Ben Brown. This article describes the development of a mental health triage … Author Simon Sawyer, RMN , MA , is senior mental health triage nurse, Gloucestershire PCT and Gloucestershire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.. Abstract Sawyer, S. (2007) Developing a mental health triage service in primary care. The preliminary results are encouraging and promising. • In primary care, effective management of telephone inquiries facilitates the right care by the right provider at the right time. A built-in questionnaire asked users about the app’s clarity, their satisfaction and whether they intended to follow the app’s advice (n = 4456). Primary care telephone triage, where a GP or nurse calls a patient who has requested a same day consultation, does not reduce overall practice workload, a large pilot study in England has found.1 The study showed that this approach actually increased the number of primary care contacts compared with initial face to face consultations. Methods The app is a self-triage tool for acute primary care. Nurse triage in primary care is a very ambitious project to improve the performance of health care in the primary care setting. Level 1 triage occurs at the point of injury.

Design and setting A prospective, cross-sectional study amongst app users in a routine primary care setting. The intention is to generalize this experiment to all health centers in Bahrain.

REFERENCES 1. Several schemes exist to define levels of triage. This is an extended version of the article published in Nursing Times; 103: 49, 28–29.

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