Since both dogs are extroverted and mischievous, you’ll certainly never have a dull moment with a Husky Pug mix. Husky + Pug = The Hug Dog (The Smallest Husky Mix) Yes, you read that correctly, there are some Pug x Husky Mixes! Read on to find all the information you will want to know about this pug cross breed. Training a Husky Pug Mix.

Siberian Huskies and Pugs are popular breeds for many reasons. This dog’s coat can go either way. The Pug Husky Mix price is around $1200 to $2000+, depending on the breeder’s reputation and location as well as the age of the puppy. The Husky Pug Mix, Pugsky, or the Hug is a cross breed between the energetic Siberian Husky and the ever-laidback Pug.
See more ideas about Husky, Pug mix, Pugs. The Pug Husky Mix, is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the Pug and the Siberian Husky. Hug Siberian Husky / Pug Mix Breed Dogs Information and Pictures "This is one of our dogs. Husky Pug Mix puppies for sale. But due to their incredibly contrasting parentage, the actual nature of a Hug is very difficult to predict. He is the product of a momma Chinese Pug and a daddy Siberian Husky." In most cases of the pug husky dog mix, the features are taken from the Pug, and the personalities are from the Husky side. If you have a husky Pug mix, you’ll need to start training him from day one. The Hug is not a purebred dog. Dog DNA Tests; Description.

If you have a husky Pug mix, you’ll need to start training him from day one. Ways To Take Care Of A Husky Pug Hug Puppy. About Us. The Siberian Husky Pug mix is a hybrid dog, whose designer name is the Hug, and with a name like that you know that this guy is going to be special. A Husky Pug Mix is an ideal family dog that is cheerful, affectionate and loyal… 3.

Training a Husky Pug Mix.

Even full-grown, Pug-Husky hybrids are small to medium dogs. Some Husky and Pug breeders will also offer the Husky Pug Mix puppies for sale.

5. Play Dog Trivia! The Husky Pug Mix is slowly gaining popularity as a family dog. Lancaster Puppies advertises puppies for sale in PA, as well as Ohio, Indiana, New York and other states.

One of the most important commands is going to be the Stay command. Now, mix that with the Pug’s stubborn streak and you’ll get a stubborn, intelligent dog with a high prey drive and lots of energy and that gets easily bored. As interesting it may sound to cross the two different breeds in terms of their make-up size and characteristics, this does make for a unique dog. This is due to the known health risks/complications when mating different sized breeds. A Husky Pug mix can be a Pug in a Husky’s body, the other way round, or a scramble of qualities from both dogs. Owing to their large size (compared to other pugs at least), Hugs are very energetic and require significant amounts of exercise.

Devoted, charming and fun

source. 6.

It can either be long and fine like the Pug, or thick and long like the Husky. One of the most important commands is going to be the Stay command. You can get Hug puppies from breeders and rescue shelters in your area.

While some pug husky dog mixes may share similar characteristics with the pug, others may derive more of their personalities from the husky side.

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