Sasuke then tore the remaining seems apart with his bare hands, completely exposing Sai. Sai (サイ) is a ninja who joins Team Kakashi in Part II, carefully designed by Kishimoto to stand out as Sasuke's replacement by having the two look similar.

This was until in Shikamaru Hiden events, Ino read a letter which describes Sai's tragedies. Who is he exactly. When Sai visits the hospital with his teammates in order to be introduced to his new team leader Kakashi following their failed mission, they also run into Team 10 when Asuma barges into Kakashi's room uninvited. There was a large tearing sound as Sasuke quickly stabbed through Sai's pants and dragged the kunia from Sai's front to back, almost completely cutting Sai's trousers in half. your own Pins on Pinterest

fanfiction, love, fanfic. If he bad mouths naruto ofter i can see sasuke defending naruto and giving Sai a simular beat down to what sakura gave sasuke. Ino is more concerned by the risks Sai may be facing and anxiously questions Kakashi on Sai's safety but Sakura steers things back to what the rumours mean for Sasuke. Anyway, i expect that sasuke would ask Sai questions about his former team mates particually naruto, sai wouldnt lie as he doesnt feel the need to be a prick in that sense. SaiIno (Japanese サイいの SaiIno) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sai and Ino Yamanaka. When Sai wins the ultimate battle against Sasuke, how does Orochimaru come into play?

Lost love for Sasuke, SaiOrochi slash.

and when they first met, sasuke made sai scared just by looking into his eyes. If he bad mouths naruto ofter i can see sasuke defending naruto and giving Sai a simular beat down to what sakura gave sasuke. sasuke hands down.

Sai is the pentagonist in the Naruto anime/manga series and one of the main supporting characters the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. Raised as a member of Root, Sai has no emotions and has difficulty connecting with others.

Sai slipped the kunai from its pouch and swung it up to Sasuke's face, but the Uchiha moved his on time and grasped Sai's pale wrist.

Anyway, i expect that sasuke would ask Sai questions about his former team mates particually naruto, sai wouldnt lie as he doesnt feel the need to be a prick in that sense. I'm sorry, but Danzo has sent me to kill you. What exactly does Sai have to counter anything Sasuke can do? Follow/Fav Sai vs Sasuke: The ultimate Showdown smutless. Discover (and save!)

Sasuke vs. Sai!

Sai Hail to the Leaf's prodigy, may he remembered as that, not the betrayer. The reason that Sasuke had chosen to walk down the street when even the roosters were asleep was unbeknownst even to him. I know he was suppose to replace Sasuke and all but why does he look so much like him and where he be at in some of the mangas. By: Narinu-chan. He serves as Sasuke's replacment in Team 7. 2.

What Sasuke woke up to the next day could barely be called "morning".

Rated: Fiction T - English - Sai, Orochimaru - Words: 2,036 - Published: 1/1/2008 - Status: Complete - id: 3984464 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten SaiXOrochimaru … The Fight of the Uchihas. When he is added to Team Kakashi as a replacement for Uchiha Sasuke, he begins to learn about people's feelings and tries to develop himself as a part of Team Kakashi.

Sai (サイ, Sai) is an Anbu of Konohagakure. It seems they are related and a few ppl in the show, like Ino, had said he looked like Sasuke. didn't you read the mangas? Sasuke Is this what you wanted? Sai attempted to kick out at the other ninja, but Sasuke merely smirked and landed a punch into Sai's stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Is this a joke? THIS IS THE SMUTLESS VERSION .

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