Cooled by liquid metal, it uses a high-temperature moderator containing hydrogen and highly enriched fuel and produces electricity using a thermionic converter. The first is to use a stream of electrons to induce the color, the other is to use a stream of neutrons. Diamonds and other precious gems may also be treated with radiation. This produces the darker hues known as 'London blue'. Typically orange, topaz becomes blue after it has been exposed. As far as nuclear power, I have worked in all “facets” for greater than 30 years, including the blue topaz. Topaz is the most commonly treated stone. Some gemstones are exposed to radiation to enhance or change their color. The TOPAZ nuclear reactor is a lightweight nuclear reactor developed for long term space use by the Soviet Union. The TOPAZ 2 is a single-cell thermionic space reactor power system developed by the U.S.S.R. during the period of time from approximately 1969 to 1989. Nuclear energy is managed on a standard greater than any other industry I can think of. Due to residual radioactivity, irradiated topaz must be held in a secure facility for a specified period of time before it can be released for heating, cutting and polishing. We have a safety record that we are very proud of. While the electron method produces Topaz that does not pose a hazard to humans the neutron Topaz can continue to emit radiation for years. They both involve types of nuclear reactors. Backgrounder on Irradiated Gemstones Printable Version. The third method of irradiation exposes topaz to fast neutrons in a nuclear reactor.

There are two methods for irradiating blue Topaz.

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