Terms & Conditions of Quotation and Sale 1.

Standard Terms & Conditons of Sales.

Payment Terms.

No such t erm shall be considered to be a part of any contract between the parties. for special terms and conditions may amend these Standard Terms and Conditions.


Standard terms and conditions of sales.

GENERAL 1.1 In these Conditions the following words have the meanings shown: "Buyer" means the person, firm or company purchasing Goods. The annual requirement is an estimate only but the successful supplier is required to have the quantity available.

1. In these Standard Terms and Conditions, “Festo” shall mean Festo Private Limited.

Meaning. 1.3 These Standard Terms and Conditions, as amended by Special Terms and Conditions, if any, shall apply to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions whether contained in the Supplier’s: (i) quotation, (ii) acceptance of an Purchase Order, or (iii) otherwise.

objects to those terms and does not assent to them.

standard terms and conditions of quotation and sale revision no: 02 by making a purchase from formach asia, buyer’s offer resulting from seller’s quotation is expressly conditioned upon buyer’s assent to seller’s standard terms and conditions printed below. SINGAPORE AIRLINES LIMITED QUOTATION REFERENCE NO: QR20191015 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF QUOTATION 1 Items and Requirement 1.1 Details of the item(s) required are set out in this quotation document.

Interpretation 1.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all goods and services are sold upon the following terms and conditions to the exclusion of any terms and conditions of the Buyer and no agent or 2. "Company" means, individually and collectively, Hilti Far East Private Limited and/or any of its related corporations, associated or subsidiary companies, as the case …


a. The terms of CTS's Quotation, except for these Conditions of Sale, are not binding, do not constitute an offer and are subject to change without notice. 1 STANDARD TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR THE SALE OF HILTI GOODS IN SINGAPORE 1.

Terms and Conditions of Quotation and Sale (November 2011) 1.

“Seller” means Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) Limited, having its place of business at 241 Drakemire Drive, Castlemilk Glasgow G45 9SZ. JurongHealth Campus Terms & Conditions for Provision of Goods and Services JurongHealth Campus House Rules and Conditions of Work.pdf Please note that our hospital's Standard Conditions of Contract shall apply to the Quotation document and Purchase Order. “Purchaser” means the person, firm or company who purchases the Goods from the Seller "EULA" refers to the End User Licence Agreement, including any supplemental terms between the customer and Festo and governs the customer's use of Festo software applications.

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