The alto saxophone covers a higher range of notes than the tenor. The alto vs tenor sax buzz made a lot of people give their …

This was a light bulb moment for me because it's the basis for the sound I want to … The tenor is a “shade” more versatile. List of best saxophone ligature reviews.

Fingerings are similar. Nevertheless, the size difference makes an identical note on the Alto Saxophone sound higher than that of played on a Tenor Saxophone. The alto sax is the most common saxophone to play with the other options being a tenor saxophone (larger than an alto) or a soprano saxophone (smaller than an alto).

The larger size produces a lower sound, in the same way that a tenor (male voice) produces a lower tone than an alto (female voice). If you're looking in terms of cheaper price range, i would definetly just consider taking alto saxophone. (Middle finger, left hand only) Reply To Post [Report Abuse] Report Abuse. Of course the title begs the question “better for what?” The answer is that all saxophones ever made have something they’re more useful for than anything else. #5 — Alto Sax vs.

Alto vs Tenor??? By mere looking at these … The most obvious difference between the two saxophones is the size difference - the tenor is larger than the alto. But the concepts are the same. Otherwise, folks wouldn’t still be making them. Alto Saxophone vs Tenor Saxophone.

Which brads produces the best intermediate saxophones? The 82mm reed (2.5) is a Vandoren and plays much easier than these shorter ones of a no name company from China. Which Saxophone is Better? Please forgive me for being an inept saxophone player. The tenor is a “shade” more versatile. Tenor vs. Alto.

I like the size of the Alto, but I'm told that the Tenor will be easier to play. It generally fits better into rock, pop, and blues oriented musical styles than the alto, though, of course, good examples can be offered of great alto solos in those genres as well. The ability to 'voice' a tenor like an alto ala Coltrane, or bring the depth and tone of a tenor sound on alto. It generally fits better into rock, pop, and blues oriented musical styles than the alto, though, of course, good examples can be offered of great alto solos in those genres as well. Tenor saxophones are larger than alto saxophones and usually heavier. Which means you need to blow more and harder to get the same notes on a tenor than on an alto sax—it needs more air. Because the tenor sax is bigger, it’s mouthpiece is bigger and air has further to travel as compared to the alto. Tenor Sax … The alto and tenor are the two most used types of saxophones, both for professional musicians and student players. I started out playing the trumpet ( i couldn't stand using just 3 fingers), I then played the trombone ( I didn't like using no fingerings, plus I could not learn how to play like JJ Johnson, and Fred Wesley fast enough). Is there a difference in the length - Tenor Reed vs Alto Reed I bought a used alto sax and the reeds are different lengths. ALTO VS TENOR SAX FOR BEGINNERS? Second: On G clef music, is a Tenor Saxophone's middle C the same fingering as an Alto Saxophone's?? Vandoren, D’Addario, Yamaha, Rico and Rovner sax ligatures are included. Alto saxophone and tenor saxophone are the most well-known types of saxophone; a musical instrument belonging to the woodwind family.

Re: tenor vs alto and bari 16:02 on Sunday, March 15, 2009 contra448 (771 points) Posted by contra448. But alto can be have a sweet sound and is usually better for classical music and there are some great jazz alto players too. Cannonball Adderley could definitely play the blues, but yes, the tenor is usually used more for rock and blues.

For whom are intermediate saxophones suitable? You only need to know which type you want. Although the alto and tenor saxophones use similar sets of fingerings and embouchure, they are significantly different in regards to note register. by Paul D. Race .

The size and weight of a particular saxophone are factors for a musician, because the saxophone is typically attached to a strap around the player’s neck and held to the side or in front of the body when played. First: Is tenor sax music generally written in G clef (Treble Clef)?? Conn 6M Naked Lady Alto Saxophone Circa 1947 ... Selmer Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone £ 3,995.00 inc VAT Add to basket; Sale! Tenor saxophone is more common over all though, because most people like the more jazzy and low appeal and feel that the tenor gives off. (Middle finger, left hand only) There is a lot of buzz around the question – which is better for a beginner, alto or tenor saxophone? Tenor vs Alto I think it depends on your motivation and expectations that best determines which one you prefer. Selmer SA80 Series II Tenor Saxophone £ 2,675.00 £ 2,495.00 inc VAT Add to basket; Trevor James Classic Alto Black Frosted 3722BBF £ 650.00 inc VAT Add to basket; Windsor Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquer £ 245.00 inc VAT Add to basket; Sale! One is a #2.5 and is 82mm long and I bought some other 2.5 alto reeds that are only 70mm long but difficult to get a good sound out of. Second: On G clef music, is a Tenor Saxophone's middle C the same fingering as an Alto Saxophone's?? Please forgive me for being an inept saxophone player.

Tenor vs. Alto. I would like to know 2 things about an Alto vs a Tenor. Best 5 Intermediate Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Soprano) Reviews.

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