The first book, in 2015, was by businessman-adventurer Dick Smith, Balls Pyramid: climbing the world’s tallest sea stack. "Biodiversity Hot Spot containing endangered species" - This is in reference primarily to the LHI-stick insect, however the insect is now in a captive breeding programme and may now be at expectable numbers? Jutting violently out of the Pacific Ocean less than 30km to the east of Lord Howe Island, Balls Pyramid is an incredible piece of New South Wales geology that many Australians have never heard of. So, what is this tree lobster and why was it forced to cling to existence, far out on the edge of the globe? Secondly, the logistical and physical difficulties posed to recreational climbers in accessing Balls Pyramid, by its nature attracts highly experienced climbing parties. A giant stick insect pronounced extinct for the past 80 years has been found clinging tenaciously to a rocky pinnacle off Lord Howe Island. 2. Balls Pyramid is in a State and Commonwealth Marine Park sanctuary zone and offers an average depth of 25 metres (80’) with mesmerising marine life. Divers can experience drift dives, cave dives and spectacular coral walls in excellent visibility. Sheer, perilous and incredibly difficult to get to, it looms out of the ocean. Balls Pyramid is a ripping yarn of drama, danger and persistence. A relative of the stick insect, the tree lobster (real name Dryococelus australis) once roamed proud and free on tiny Lord Howe Island – an emerald pinprick on the map between Australia and New Zealand and miles north of Ball’s Pyramid. It is based on Dick’s 1980 ascent of the Pyramid on what was then his second attempt. A tale of a playboy boat owner, an eccentric expedition doctor who kick-started Dick's first successful business, the 'extinct' stick insect and gripping accounts and photos by the world's best mountaineers. Balls Pyramid sticks out of the surface of the sea like a shard of glass mounted in a local business award.

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