Hungary 8.


But things have changed. Ryan Boyd | August 3, 2018 .


However, certain countries have large vegetarian populations and customs. Some countries have strong cultural or religious traditions that promote vegetarianism, such as India, while other countries have secular ethical concerns, including animal rights, environmental protection, and health concerns. A typical meal in Ethiopia is several kinds of wat (stews, often spicy) served on the injera (a large flatbread).

As per a report published in Wikipedia, India has the least meat consumption per capita. PHOTO: N K/Shutterstock .

India, the world's second most populous country, has over 500 million vegetarians. Estonia and 10. India has more vegetarians than the rest of the world put together.

These days, you don’t have to go hungry if you’re a traveling vegetarian. In Indian cuisine, vegetarianism is usually synonymous with lacto vegetarianism. India, India, and India. Best Countries for Vegetarians Guilherme Ribeiro | December 9, 2019 If the only thing holding you back from exploring the whole wide world is your dietary preferences, fear not as many countries can be very welcoming to vegetarians. Canada: There is a large vegetarian culture in Canada, especially in big cities.

The wats are mostly made of beans and vegetables, but spicy meat is often available as well. United Kingdom 6. Overall the Nordic nations topped the poll, with the exception of Denmark, which came in 25th place.

In 2007, UN FAO statistics indicated that Indians had the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world. Not only can a diet which excludes meat reduce your carbon footprint, but research indicates that it could avert five to eight million deaths per year by 2050.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Vegetarians will have a hard time traveling to certain countries, as meat is in the culture and can be included in everything. Like Switzerland, the price of meat in all 3 of these countries is enough to make anyone to turn their nose up at a tender sirloin. The study, conducted by … Still, some countries are better than others. So where are the best countries for vegetarians to travel? Belgium 7.

Sweden 5.

We all know that meat-centric dishes dominate the menus in many European countries. The carefree and peace-loving Nordic nations are among the best countries to be a vegetarian in Europe, with Finland (2nd), Norway (3rd) and Sweden (4th) all making the top 5 in our list. In terms of the number of vegan eateries in relation to population size, Amsterdam actually took the top prize in … Switzerland has come top in a survey of the best European countries to be a vegetarian, while Portugal is ranked as the worst.. Some cities and countries are quite accommodating to meatless diners, while in other places it's tougher to get by. Europe can be hit or miss when it comes to vegetarian options. Even meat-crazy countries have their surprises.

Vegetarians in India have been demanding meat-free supermarkets. This suggests that vegetarians may do well to travel up to these countries for a better choice of dining options. In many other cities around the world, however, not eating meat is much less commonplace, so travelling as a vegetarian can be tricky.

You probably already know how difficult that can be, with few places in the world that can accommodate your special dietary needs.

But the good news is, there are some spots that tend to be a lot more vegan-friendly than most, including these. India has a huge percentage of vegetarians. So if you’re a travelling vegetarian, then have a gander through this list of top meat-free destinations.

In many countries, food labelling laws make it easier for vegetarians to identify foods compatible with their diets.
(Last Updated On: 18/04/2020) The list of the best cities in Europe for vegetarians is starting to finally get longer.

The number of vegetarians in the UK continues to rise, as more and more people choose the diet for health and environmental benefits.

Some cities and countries are quite accommodating to meatless diners, while in other places it's tougher to get by. Home > Bites.

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