Her mother, Dinah Drake, was the original Black Canary who was retired, and her father was a detective. It's really not clear on what type it … I actually created an iconic inspired Black Canary and that's how i'm answering. Sometimes the most beautiful things are also the most deadly. Dinah possesses a metagene that gives her a potent sonic attack, able to damage and stun foes or objects, to the point of shattering metal.
This enables her to mimic sounds and generate any sound she desires, even developing several abilities. Dinah Lance nearly sacrificed everything in her fight against the Regime but was forced to flee before the fight was done. Such is the case with Dinah Lance, a.k.a. The Black Canary is a Meta Human, she was born with her Superpowers, however her mom was really the first Black Canary back in the Golden age of comics, she got her powers by being exposed to some type of Radiation. Canary Cry. See: Black Canary (Disambiguation) Black Canary is noted for her martial arts skills and her "Canary Cry" – a high powered, sonic scream with the ability to shatter objects and incapacitate villains.

Black Canary is a playable character in Injustice 2. Black Canary's powers and abilities. Among the first generation of superheroes, she was a member of the Justice Society, the first superhero team to appear in comic books.. A highly trained martial artist and master of disguise, Dinah's life hasn't always been easy. Powerset: Gadgets Weapon: Martial Arts Movement: Acrobatics Bronze Tiger Ben Turner, The Bronze Tiger, is one of the greatest martial artists in the DC Universe. Powers and abilities . Sub-power of Sound Attacks. The Black Canary had as one of her powers the Canary Cry, an ultrasonic scream capable of anything from incapacitating an opponent to wrecking a building.

Despite her mother's wishes, Dinah became a superhero herself, taking the name Black Canary. Variation of Sound Wave Generation.
Black Siren originates from Earth-2, whereas Black Canary is from Earth-1. She possesses a incredible degree of control over her vocal cords. Dinah Laurel Lance is a second generation superhero. Birds of Prey’s Black Canary owes a lot to Brendan Fletcher, Annie Wu, and Pia Guerra’s Black Canary series, in which Dinah went on the run from her problems as the frontwoman of a punk band. She has stated that doing the Cry too close to someone has the ability to kill them. Posing as a criminal, taking down gangs, and serving the Justice Society of America, she was always bound for the crimefightning business. Her powers and abilities are the same in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. so, let's say this is a straight rip off Black Canary character. Black Siren has fishnets on her suit like Black Canary, though Black Siren's are on her shoulders whereas comic Black Canary… Black Canary teamed up with Booster when the League reformed after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Black Canary is a major character in the Injustice Comic series, serving as a member of Batman's Insurgency. this is how i would do it (this is a little repetitive) ingame (in other words this is my BlackCanary's loadout and build). Black Canary has had quite a journey spanning several generations. Dinah Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, is a superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Dinah Drake was a costumed vigilante known as the “Black Canary”.

Background . Black Siren has the sonic scream as a meta-human power whereas Black Canary utilizes an electric collar. User can emit/generate extremely powerful scream of a high amplitude for a variety of purposes. The power to emit highly enhanced scream of a high amplitude. the Black Canary, a silver-tongued songstress who just so happens to have the power to turn her voice into a super sonic blast she calls a "Canary Cry."

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