Asta at the current point in the manga easily destroys the rest of the competition. "The Last Battle, Urashiki" (最終決戦、ウラシキ, Saishū Kessen, Urashiki) is episode 135 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. 642.

So this is the Naruto in the Chunin battle against Neji against the current Boruto. He was voiced by Dawn M. Bennett while Kurama was voiced by Noel Wiggins. Wiki ... His versatility and ability to come up with plans mid-battle will get him the win. Follow 7821. Jiraiya is wary of him, believing Urashiki to still have something up his sleeve. Boruto Anime List of Episodes Boruto Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Characters Meet the Characters!

Boruto/Sarada vs Naruto/Sasuke ... Not to mention Team 2 has more battle ... way better stats, stamina and Sharingan. Boruto: That's advantage Uzumaki! Rasengan.

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the Naruto series.

Boruto Using Rasengan dashes forward and attempts the cage, but Ness is able to leap out of it before he could touch it. He appeared in the 85th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Naruto VS Ichigo, where he fought against Ichigo Kurosaki from the Bleach series. "The Fateful Moonlit Battle" (月下の決戦, Gekka no Kessen) is episode 147 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. Boruto: A classic misdirection. Urashiki consumes his chakra gourd, and considering it not to be enough, eats his own Rinnegan. Plus Boruto admitted he couldn't catch up with the others during the Chunin exams, which is why he resorted to the Kote. Sarada compares his jutsu to the Nara clan's. Boruto and Naruto are surprised.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations vs Boku no Hero Academia! But as time goes on, they’d eventually escape that shadow.

Izuku Midoriya vs Boruto Uzumaki americanspeeddemon. Add to this list. Naruto wrecks Boruto, 1000 clones vs 4 clones and kyuubi chakra. When Naruto was born, his parents sealed away Kurama (the Nine-Tails Fox) inside of him to keep it from rampaging. VSLocation: Republic CityRules:- Current Boruto- EOS Korra- No arm device for Boruto- Morals on, though Korra will not hold back because Boruto's a ki

He simply learns things easier apparently). Boruto Uzumaki (うずまきボルト, Uzumaki Boruto) is a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uzumaki Clan and a direct descendant of the Hyūga clan through his mother. Deku and Boruto are pretty close, but with Deku's new developments I think he'd be able to take down Boruto. Synopsis . Yes Boruto has rasengan but that depends if he can hit her with it. For Boruto consider all movie/anime/manga feats to be apart of his arsenal, Naruto is capable and allowed to use Kurama's cloak that he used against Neji. Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki e Shikadai, insieme a due ninja della Sabbia, Araya e Shinki, passano i preliminari. Urashiki rises up from the ground.

Boruto: Damn it! Tsukiyo attacks Kokuri with his shadow, which Mitsuki blocks. Forum Posts. Sarada is the strongest of her generation, Boruto has a lot of potential (which is why he was called a prodigy. …

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