“I believe I have an explanation to give.” “Yeah, I’d say so.” Brainy and Nia: Simple wonder. As the core shuts down the energy knocks them back, and … She set about in a mad frenzy trying to prepare herself for today's presentation.

Shades of Legion of Superheroes! Her hair was a mess and there was a bit of drool on her cheek. DragonBallContent 43,091 views. Nia tells Brainy that he doesn't need them. Brainy says he can help but then tells Alex that he didn’t find any information, which was a big fat lie. Supergirl 5x1 - Brainy tells Nia he loves her /James quits Catco - Duration: 3 minutes, 29 seconds. Nia was a bit frazzled and she could not believe she had slept in. Supergirl 5x1 - Brainy tells Nia he loves her /James quits Catco - Duration: 3:29. Explore EW.com.

As the core begins to overload, Brainy yells that they are both astounding and tells Nia that he loves her. EW.com ... paid $14,000 to make Lena’s middle-school boyfriend scram and she tells her daughter that she loves her. He also tells Nia that he loves her (finally!). If you think the Evil Brainy twist is a bad thing y'all are NOT seeing the hurt/comfort fluff potential! Her actions prompt Brainy to glitch and revert back to normal. mollythezebra11 asked: Brainy tells Nia that he loves her and how sorry he is for what he did when he was "realined" “So,” Nia says when they’ve gotten off Shelley Island, “I think we have a few things we need to talk about.” “Indeed,” Brainy agrees. Dreamer joins him in overloading it. They are successful which prompts Lex … He realizes that it is working and they will be successful so he decides to cheer them on. She had everything sorted out…somewhere, well, … During the battle, the personality inhibitor broken in an earlier episode by a Leviathan bomb goes on the fritz again.

Brainiac 5 (Querl Dox) is a fictional superhero character who exists in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe.He is a long-standing member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.Brainiac 5 is from the planet Colu.. Supergirl recap: Double the Jeremy Jordan, double the fun ... Lex tells Brainy he’s on his own to stop Toyman.

Brainy being taken by surprise when Nia tells him she loves him first. Whatever he knows or doesn't know, it won't stop Nia from trying her best to flirt with him though!

When Lex Luthor rewrote history to make himself a hero, we figured the shift would come with a few unintended ripple effects, but we never foresaw it costing Brainy and Nia their relationship. When he removes the inhibitors we get a transformation into a green skin, purple-body suit wearing, blond haired Brainy.
Aww! She trusts him and loves him. Brainy, who was finally ready to tell Nia he loves her, now thinks he’s a monster who doesn’t deserve her. 3:29.

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