Does Bray Wyatt smoke: Not Known; Does Bray Wyatt drink alcohol: Yes; Wrestling is in Bray’s blood; both his father and grandfather have been a part of this business. However, after a few weeks of reflection and ash bathing, Bray Wyatt was back and stronger than ever. Bray Wyatt encountered his greatest career success in 2017 when he became a World Wrestling Entertainment Champion as he defeated AJ Styles, John Cena, Baron Corbin, among others in an Elimination Chamber match. Learn about Bray Wyatt: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. The Wyatt Family a professional wrestling stable originally composed of Bray Wyatt, and his followers Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, Randy Orton.. Randy Orton had a plan to infiltrate the Wyatt Family and tear it a part from the inside. Back in the ring, Bray nailed Cena with Sister Abigail. Thus, Bray is a 3rd generation wrestler from his family. Bray Wyatt’s Family – His Brother, Sister Some Lesser Known Facts About Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt, früher auch als Husky Harris bekannt, ist ein aktuell bei Ignition aktiver Wrestler, der bei Backlash#188 sein Comeback feierte. In response, Cena knocked the Wyatt Family disciple through the ringside barricade. But, oddly, rather than grabbing the victory, Bray grabbed a steel chair and gave it to Cena – daring the Cenation leader to use it against him. Bray Wyatt konnte sich zwei Wochen später im Elimination Chamber Match den WWE Titel sichern. This inspired him to change the world's "wicked" ways and turn to the real actions. Zunächst wollte Orton sein Recht auf den Titleshot bei WrestleMania abgeben, doch bei SmackDown Live am 28.02.2017 turnte er schließlich gegen Bray Wyatt, steckte dessen Hütte in Brand, forderte seine Titelchance doch noch ein und verließ somit die Wyatt Family. See Also: Sable WWE (Rena Marlette Lesnar) – Bio, Facts About Brock Lesnar’s Wife. Jahre zuvor bildete er als Husky Harris zusammen mit Mason Ryan das… He follows the cultic views presented by Sister Abigail, a fictitious person who said to have changed Wyatt's views of the world. Bray Wyatt, formerly known as Husky Harris, is a heel (villainous) wrestler in WWE and formerly, in NXT. From getting rid of Luke Harper to burning down his mystical superpower barn, the plan seemed to be working perfectly. Er ist Teil der Wyatt Family und konnte 2017 das Money in the Bank Match gewinnen.

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