use IES recommendations to establish new light levels that are both appropriate and desirable.

Designing and inspecting emergency lighting systems for schools can often be a complicated task. Exit signs and emergency lighting are crucial components of any evacuation plan and a necessary link to safe escape when danger strikes. Newsletter 71 – January 2006 . Article 14 (2) (h) states: ‘Emergency routes and exits requiring illumination must be provided with emergency lighting of adequate intensity in the case of failure of their normal lighting’. The main reason for installing an emergency lighting system is to enable the building to meet fire safety legislation in a way that is visually acceptable and meets the user’s needs for ease of operation and maintenance. If lighting is required so that people can go about their normal business, then emergency provision is needed in the event of a power outage.

Emergency lighting is a general term and is subdivided into ’emergency escape lighting’ and ‘standby lighting’. The regulations require that systems comply with BS 5266-1:2011 the code of practice for emergency lighting. The rules changed recently and there are significant upgrades required. Whether ... number the emergency light units so you can document and track the inspections and repairs. Emergency lighting is a general term and is sub-divided into emergency escape lighting and standby lighting. It is part of the fire safety provision of a building and a requirement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Both exit signs and emergency lighting are required by law in public and private facilities across the nation—making it very important you understand relevant codes, requirements, and regulations. Emergency lighting, including exit signage, is subject to a 30-second test every month and an annual 90-minute test to ensure that the system will function correctly in the event of an emergency. This article is also located on our Mechanical Articles web page. emergency lighting is needed for all parts of schools that either do not have natural light or are used outside normal school hours. Consequently it is important to establish all the relevant legal requirements for emergency lighting Schools are urged to act now as the law covers all premises that have employees or are visited by members of the public. Emergency lighting should illuminate paths to all exits of a building. Consult with a lighting energy professional to learn the proper way to establish appropriate light levels in your facility and reduce energy waste. Emergency lighting MUST now meet the current standards. SED Requirements for Emergency Lighting for Educational (E) Occupancies. Emergency escape lighting – that part of an emergency lighting system that provides illumination for the safety of people leaving a location or attempting to terminate a potentially dangerous process beforehand. Clause 5.2.7 recommends that an emergency illumination of not less than 10% of the normal lighting (average value) is provided at the relevant point of the location of the risk. Requirements for high risk task area lighting are specified in BS EN 1838.
However, depending on the activity higher values may be needed. In order for greater clarity, it is now split into two separate Meet the code requirements or assume the risk. NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code, and the International Building Code (IBC) require emergency lighting in all commercial and industrial buildings to facilitate emergency egress of people from the building and to reduce the possibility of panic in buildings during the exiting of large numbers of people during an emergency.

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