As for giving a bad reference, if you give a reference at all it must be truthful. An employer can either provide you with a positive reference or decline a reference request. Sounds like you previous employer is just playing silly buggers (pardon my language) to get you back. They cant give you a bad reference. By communicating effectively and remaining firm, you can gently and effectively decline the request for a recommendation. Some tips on giving a reference are: Give an honest answer that, ideally, you can back up with documentation if necessary. They cant give you a bad reference. Whatever the reasons for your unwillingness, you can turn down a request politely and professionally. So, I wanted to give you a heads up that you might be contacted about my employment history with [Company Name].

Again, I hope everything’s going great for you. It risks being ordered to compensate its ex-employee for damage to reputation if it does. yes they can refuse, there is no legal obligation on an employer to give a reference for anyone.

A good reference is one that is truthful, even though it may mean the employee is not offered the job. Worse yet, if an employer refuses to give a letter of reference, and a court determines (as many will) that the employee was entitled to the reference letter, the employer has breached the employee’s common law right to good faith and fair dealing.

references that give opinion rather than facts are becoming less common because of fear of being sued. And that can have a financial impact on an employer. Give your honest impressions of … Yes, if an employer is not happy with you, he is not required to give you a reference, he is not allowed to give a bad reference, it is either praise or nothing, that's the rules I'm afraid. An employer has no obligation to supply a reference although almost all do, even if only to confirm dates of employment, as they also want references on prospective employees. Give everybody on the team my best! However, it cannot refuse to give a letter of reference to a dismissed or resigning employee who requests one, without providing a reason or citing a reason that is not legitimate. Keep to the facts as much as you can. There may be times, however, when you are asked to provide a reference for someone you feel uncomfortable recommending. Thanks, [Your Name] Before you ask—no, you shouldn’t explicitly ask your previous employer to give you a glowing recommendation.

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