Shih-tzu's are just not water dogs, that's all.

Actually not all dogs can swim.
Shih tzus can, but if their coats aren't trimmed, the weight of the wet hair will tire them very, very quickly. I have a female shih-tzu and I'm planning to buy a male shih-tzu .My shih-tzu is well train to use the potty in her bin.

Shih Tzus are incredibly healthy dogs, but because of their short faces and their long coats, it does mean that they can struggle in the heat. So I guess it really all depends on the Shih Tzu. 0 1 0 Matted hair pulls on the Shih Tzu's skin and causes pain and discomfort to them. Also matted hair becomes a haven for … During the summer, be sure to keep you Shih Tzu in the shade as much as possible – and be careful letting your dog swim. But don't force your dog to could get scared. All dogs can swim. Swimming can just be their form of exercise but not a sport. Poodles were originally bred as gun dogs to retrieve game from water, and Shih Tzus generally don't like to swim. Shih Tzu are not sporting dogs and they do not require long periods of exercise because they easily get tired. Even the easy going Shih Tzu can become aggressive and nip at you, due to the mats causing them even more pain when someone touches them. Shih tzus can, but if their coats aren't trimmed, the weight of the wet hair will tire them very, very quickly. Shih Tzus are terriers. Some just don't like getting wet - especially small dogs, but it just could be your dog's personality - it knows how to swim but doesn't WANT to. Im betting if he was a little more energetic he probably would be able to swim just fine, but he has difficulties with it. Not a breed that will enjoy much swimming. Enjoy this short clip of Gizmo where a Shih Tzu shows off his courage into diving into a … Poodles are not.There are no guarantees what you;ll end … Hes able to get going with his front half but his back legs start sinking. Now when I bring in the new member … You can't tell because its a mixture of two very different breeds. My Shih Tzu cant swim very well at all. The breed is not naturally very good at swimming. Not a breed that will enjoy much swimming.

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