The Coso Range Wilderness is a protected wilderness area in California in the northern end of the Coso Range. Obsidian hydration dating typically yields a range of ages for a single chronometric measurement, even after controlling for source chemistry and effective hydration temperature. Numerous prehistoric obsidian quarries are located there, with major ones at South Sugarloaf, West Sugarloaf, Cactus Peak, and Joshua Ridge. The crystals have not been analyzed but the attribution is supported by an original label from Burminco (George Burnham), that we consider trustworthy.

They are of the Uto-Aztecan language and spoke one of several Numic languages, related to that of the Northern Paiute.

Previously published data suggest that this range is due to hydration rate variations caused by variability in the concentration of intrinsic water, and specifically hydroxyl ions, in the obsidian. Download . Well-grounded estimates for the total number of petroglyph elements in the entire Coso Range locality now suggest a minimum tally of 100,000 individual elements (Gilreath 1997).

CALIFORNIA SOURCE MAP | U.S. Single-component Coso petroglyph sites (those with a restricted range of associated obsidian hydration measurements representing a single prehistoric period) appear initially in the Mojave Period (10,000-6500 B.C. The Coso Range of eastern California is located immediately south of Owens Lake (dry), east of the Sierra Nevada, and west of the Argus Range.The southern part of the range lies in the restricted Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake and the northern part of the range is designated as the Coso Range Wilderness. JEROME KING . The Coso Rock Art District of … JEROME KING . SOURCE NAME: Most commonly-used name for the geochemical source OTHER NAMES: Alternate names or names of source outcrops belonging to same geochemical source group Click on the PDF link for an Adobe Acrobat document with additional source information. The Coso Volcanic Field is located in Inyo County, California, at the western edge of the Basin and Range geologic province and northern region of the Mojave Desert. The Coso Range Wilderness is a BLM property of rugged beauty near the town of Olancha in south-east California. Adapted from Gilreath and Hildebrandt, 2011 ), Fig. The Coso Range is located to the west, and the Panamint Range to the east. Geochemical Characterization of Obsidian Subsources from the Coso Range, California Using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Archaeological Investigations Anne Draucker California State University – Bakersfield, 9001 Stockdale Highway, Bakersfield, CA 93311 1. The Coso Range Canyons are home to the Coso Rock Art District, an area of some 99 sqmi which contains more than 50,000 documented petroglyphs, the highest concentration of rock art in the Northern Hemisphere. Clement Meighan Clement Meighan Projectile points found in the Pinto Basin, in Joshua Tree National Forest in the Mohave Desert of Southeastern California, represent the earliest known human occupation of this area.

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