MIGRATION: Erect-crested penguins do not come to land after their post-breeding molt, and their winter distribution at sea is unknown.

- The name "Eudyptes" derives from the Greek and means "good diver".In French this group is called gorfou, what derives from the Scandinavian "goirfulg": a name which was given to the extinct giant auk. The Erect-crested penguin is a medium to large bird. The breeding and brooding habits of the Fiordland Crested Penguin have been difficult to study because it lives in the temperate rainforest. Range Map. Penguins tightly packed feathers overlap to provide waterproofing and warmth. Erect-crested penguin has yellow, stiff and erect feathers above the eyes, hence the name "crested". All of these habitats also provide access to nutrient-rich waters with an abundant supply of food. Erect-crested penguins are often confused with Fiordland penguins (E. pachyrhynchus) and Snares penguins (E. robustus). Erect-crested penguin is type of medium-sized penguin that belongs to the group of crested penguins (seven morphologically similar species). Many were still bonding with and calling out to their mates. - This is the largest group: including 6 species.The group contains a third of all penguin species, and all those penguins do have a yellow or golden crest. The penguins nest in dense colonies of up to 1500 …

Approximately 17 species occupy a variety of habitats and climates, from the tropical equator to the ice sheets of Antarctica. Size Up to 61 cm (24 in.) The 2 eggs are laid about 3-6 days apart in July-August, with the first (A-) egg being smaller than the second (B-) egg.

HABITAT: Erect-crested penguins inhabit pack ice and surrounding marine areas. Erect-crested penguin has black plumage on the back and white plumage on the belly (it looks like it is wearing a tuxedo). The crested penguin is found inhabiting dense tropical rainforest along the … The voyage to Antipodes is the most daring of all the expeditions David has taken to photograph penguins. Erect-crested penguin inhabits remote locations, which people rarely visit. Penguins are highly adapted to the marine environment and live on islands or remote areas of continents that have few or no land predators, as they cannot fly to escape.

Fiordland crested penguins have a crest of yellow plumes on the sides of their head.

They also have a broad yellow stripe that drops down the neck and are the only crested penguin with white stripes (3 to 6) on their cheeks. The Fiordland Crested Penguin is a shy and timid species of penguin that lives and breeds on the rugged west and southwest coastlands of the South Island of New Zealand, including two offshore islands of Stewart and Solander. It spends part of its life in the water, and other part on the rocky cliffs and beaches. The breeding and brooding habits of the Fiordland Crested Penguin have been difficult to study because it lives in the temperate rainforest. Adult Fiordland crested penguins swim down forest streams to the sea, where they catch fish to bring back to their chicks. The Fiordland crested penguin lives in the forests of New Zealand. Penguins are a group of flightless, aquatic birds found on every continent in the Southern Hemisphere. The islands are mostly covered in mostly covered in a forest of the tree daisies Olearia lyalli and Brachyglottis stewartiae. Habitat The Snares crested penguin only breeds on the small (total of 341 ha) Snares Islands. Standing up to 67 cm (26 inches) tall and weighing as much as 6 kg (about 13 pounds), E. sclateri is among the largest of the six species of crested penguins. Female penguins are usually smaller than males. Physical features. Curriculum keywords. Most of their breeding habitats are free of introduced predators so this does not appear to be a significant factor. The Erect-crested Penguin is a penguin from New Zealand. Penguins are vulnerable to habitat destruction, overfishing of primary food sources, ecological disasters such as oil spills, pollution such as trash in the ocean, and human encroachment into nesting areas. Erect-crested penguins are social and form groups for hunting, where they work together to catch prey and stay alert to potential dangers. The penguins were very lively, some jumping off rocks into the sea, while others climbed up a steep hill to feed their chicks.

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