These methods have resulted in theories that all of the keys need to be set to the same height for the saxophone to play well or that the upper and lower stack heights need to match in order for the instrument to play with a balanced tone. Saxophones have only been around for just over a hundred years - they were invented at the end of the nineteenth century by a Belgian gentleman called Adolphe Saxe; hence the name. Knowing which key your saxophone is in relative to other instruments is a must! The fingering system for alto sax is fundamentally the same as tenor, bari, soprano, etc (all saxophones). Bari also has a low A key usually which the others don’t have. They all have the keys in the same place, so once you can play one, you should be able to play them all! Yes, essentially.

Baritone saxophones sometimes have a low A key. When we sax players play along with concert pitch instruments such as piano, guitar, violin etc, we must play a different note on our horns for it to come out sounding like the same note the concert pitch instruments play. These keys include the high C key, B key, B-flat key, A key, G key, G-and sharp key. My alto only has the high F# but if it did have the high G, it would be next to it. However, some saxophones have extended ranges ( top F#, low A), which have an extra key.

When you look at the family of saxophones you may realize that all the different types of saxophones are pitched differently – yet they all have roughly the same fingerings. All saxophones have the same fingering system.

Adolphe Sax invented 14 different saxophones that were divided into seven types (from smallest to largest): sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, and contrabass.

However, some saxophones have extended ranges ( top F#, low A), which have an extra key. Believe it or not, it makes a lot more sense to have some instruments in different keys. The reason we have instruments in different key signatures is because in order to force everything to be in the same key (on paper), we would have to make a choice. For the majority of their ranges, all saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone etc) have the same fingering. The next key marked X is for an alternate fingering which you will learn in another lesson. Reduce the variety of instruments, or 2.

All saxophones have a thumb rest right below it and it is pressed using your thumb as required.

Each one of these instruments fills a particular job inside a wide range of gatherings and various styles of music. For the majority of their ranges, all saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone etc) have the same fingering. Saxophones have colossal versatility.

There can be slight variations. Some repairers keep lists of key heights they have been successful with on certain models of saxophones. The G-sharp key is controlled by a lever on the left hand. Many of the earlier models of saxophones circa 1920 seemed to feature trill keys that made it easier to do trills that would otherwise have to be done using the little fingers of both hands. This lever is controlled by the pinky finger, and it also controls the C-sharp key, low B key, and low B-flat key.

There might be odd extra key on the various types or makes but overall they are the same.

For example, the baritone saxophone might have a low 'A' key. The general fingering is the same for all Saxophones yes.

Next … Made by Adolphe Sax in the mid-nineteenth century, there are more than twelve kinds of saxophones across the whole instrumental range and in a few distinct keys (F, G, C, Bb, Eb) that have been made in that time.

Most of the horns now come with high F# keys and some even now have high G keys.

Either: 1.

All saxophones have the same fingerings, no mattter what key they`re in. I have used an alto saxophone as an example, but it is the same for all saxophones except for a few differences.

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