Publication history. Known officially as Izaya (sometimes Izaya the Inheritor), his name is a phonetic variant of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. Doctor Destiny first appeared in Justice League of America Vol 1#5. John Constantine vs Doctor Destiny - Fight Scene | Justice League Dark HD movie clip. Doctor Destiny is the alter ego of John Dee, a low life convict who acquired the ability of ESP. The character played a major role in The Great Darkness Saga, a 1982 storyline in The Legion of Super-Heroes.. Fictional character history.

Kevin Mulhearn Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616 ) Doctor Jorlstead Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616 ) This device allows him to warp reality based on the fabric of dreams, making him unimaginably powerful. Doctor Surf Prime Marvel Universe . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth: Destiny of the Doctor #1 (Doctor Who (Audio)) at New Earth was the first episode of series 2 of Doctor Who.. Changing reality multiple times, he has managed to give himself the destiny, looks and powers of Superman, copying Clark Kent of Earth-38. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Doctor Who: Hunters of Earth: Destiny of the Doctor #1 (Doctor Who (Audio)) at Dr. John Dee AKA Doctor Destiny is a super-villain in Gotham City and an inmate of Arkham Asylum. There have been other characters with the same name, but John Dee is most well known incarnation. Publication history. Sardath is the lead scientist on the technologically advanced planet Rann. 12 Appearances of John Dee (Prime Earth) Dr. John Deegan is a former psychiatrist from Gotham City, who was given the Book of Destiny to warp Earth-1 into Elseworlds. Doctor Destiny is an evil scientist who acts as a super-villain and enemy to the Justice League. Duke Ctranj Prime Marvel Universe . The "Destiny's Hand" arc of Justice League America introduced an alternate reality created by Doctor Destiny that features a Justice League that became ruthless in the He was arrested and sent to Stryker's Island, where he volunteered as a test subject for an experimental ESP machine dubbed the Materioptikon. Related. Home to legends like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, this universe is where hundreds of heroes and villains originate. He warped the Atom 's dreams of the original Justice League into a world where the superheroes were fascist bullies, as part of a plan to trap the then-current Justice League there. Unlike his teammates, Grid is not from Earth-3, instead hailing from Earth-Prime. Buy it on Blu-Ray- Justice League Dark full movie Lego …

While possessing similarities to the 'Prime' Earth, this Earth-Two has several marked differences. The Earth-Two of the Smallville series is the home of Ultraman. Doctor Destiny later learned that continued use of the Materioptikon meant he still had some dream manipulation powers even without the Dreamstone. Doctor Destiny was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, first appearing in Justice League of America #5. Kevin Mulhearn Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616 ) Doctor Jorlstead Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616 ) This character is or was a member of the Justice League of America, or the Justice League in any of its various incarnations, sworn by a duty to act as guardians of America and the world by using their skills and/or superpowers to protect Earth from both interstellar and domestic threats. Sardath was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, first appearing in Showcase #17.However, in the Prime Earth continuity, Sardath first appeared as part of the New 52 DC Universe in Justice League United #2 by Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone.. Fictional character biography.

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