no more adverb. used for saying that someone has successfully done what they wanted to do or had to do.

to use completely (often fol. if a piece of work, especially a film, is in the can, it has been finished. in the can phrase.

After the way they treated us, we're finished with them. FINISHED 'FINISHED' is a 8 letter word starting with F and ending with D Crossword clues for 'FINISHED' Clue Answer; Unable to continue (4) DONE (Of food) well cooked (4) "And there you have it!"

mission accomplished phrase. ): to finish school. to come to the end of (a course, period of time, etc.

it’s/that’s a wrap phrase . 2 have/be finished with somebody to have finished talking to someone or dealing with them, especially when you are angry with them or want to punish them Don’t go. by …

by up or off): to finish up a can of paint; to finish off the rest of the milk. In American English ways is often used as an equivalent of way in phrases such as a long ways to go. having finished the worst or most difficult part of something. to put aside, break all relations with, or reject finally: He's finished with football and will play only baseball now. (4) Sufficiently cooked (4) Washed up, careerwise (4) All washed up (4) "I'm finished!" From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English finish with something/somebody phrasal verb 1 FINISH DOING something have/be finished with something to no longer need to use something Have you finished with the scissors?

complete: to finish a novel; to finish breakfast.

used for showing that you have finished something. finish with, to bring to completion: She's finished with her latest novel. to overcome completely; destroy or kill (often fol. (4) "Day is __": 1969 Peter, Paul and Mary hit (4) "Finished!"

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