The Brims and nearby Crips are predominantly African American. Top 6 has few allies striking fear in many of the other gangs. Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images . Aryan Brother Hood. Favorite Answer. While working ELA OSS, I would find F-13 gang members on the "Chica Loma" drinking beer with Geraghty. Black P Stones. Few gangs could call Florencia an ally but in the 1980s East L.A.'s own notorious Geraghty gang allied itself with Florencia. I need a feud list for. 13 is traditionally known in the West as an unlucky number, but it is also part of several other gang names, such as MS-13, Sur 13, and Florencia 13.

Popsqually. While outside on the streets, fighting is common among many different Sureño cliques especially in Los Angeles, the city holds one of the biggest dealiest Sureño on Sureño violence. and all them. Advertisement. Surenos. MS-13. At the northern edge of the park, “FX13” — Florencia 13, a Latino gang — was scrawled on a wooden post. MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha is not just a gang that is in the United States but is considered to be an international criminal gang. Here's a list.

1 decade ago. Florencia 13 in South Los Angeles Truce with East Coast Crips and the Man Behind it Lil Doc Part 8 - Duration: 22:46.

Florencia / Florence 13 [F13] is a predominately Latino street gang located in an unincorporated section of South Los Angeles between Slauson (north) and Firestone (south) from Central Avenue (west) in Compton (east) known as Florence/Firestone. I'm not an expert, but I'm a former gang … Also, M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, so really, it works all around when you consider … What Is MS-13 and Why Is It So Scary? Bloods.

At the northern edge of the park, “FX13” — Florencia 13, a Latino gang — was scrawled on a wooden post. He directed every clique in the gang to have a president and vice president whom were to be chosen by majority vote. Lv 6. There have been many articles and news events on MS-13 in recent years. Florencia 13.

Known allies is Jamaican Posse (Tallahassee), Draks (Tampa Blood set), Row Vice Lords (Deerfield Beach), Chaos Gangster Disciples (Orlando),87 Hoovers (Pompano Crip set) and Zoe Pound. The number 13 and the letter M both play a big role in Mexican Mafia aliases and symbolism, some of which we have seen so far throughout this list.

Nortenos. The Sureños' main stronghold is in southern California. Nazi Low Riders. Crips. Most Dangerous Gangs in the United States.

They run 3 square miles of Los Angeles, known as the Florence/Firestone District. The Geraghty homeboys would drive down to Huntington Park or South Central to party with F-13.

Snoopy, an American-born citizen of El Salvadoran heritage, is a member of Mara Salvatrucha-13, the violent street gang formed when refugees from El Salvador fled the country's 1980s-90s civil war. SkinHeads.

Erste Schritte. 18th street gang. MS-13. Florencia 13, also known as F-13, is a Mexican-American street gang that controls Firestone in Los Angeles, California.

SURSIDE FLORENCIA 13: Pachuckos: Von Erstellen Sie mithilfe anpassbarer Vorlagen Ihre eigene, einzigartige Webseite. Armenian Power 13. What gangs feud with which gangs? Many of the Top 6 original members are … The continued list of Sureño cliques are groups of loosely affiliated gangs that pay tribute to the Mexican Mafia.

Allies: Mexican Mafia, Vineland Boys Gang: Rivals: Crips, 18th Street Gang, 38th Street Gang, Playboys 13, Bloods, Norteños, MS-13, The Florencia 13, or Florence Street Gang, is an American criminal street gang based in Los Angeles, California, composed mainly of Hispanic-Americans. It has 2,500 members, and is the largest Hispanic gang in L.A., with their sights set on total domination. In the 1990s and 2000s, Arturo “Tablas” Castellanos passed down rules to the gang he controlled, the 3,000 strong Florencia 13 (aka, F-13). 38th Street gang. Known wars is with Florencia 13, Skin Heads, Nazi Low Riders, Aryan National Circuit, and 13K Triads. Relevance . Allies: Mexican Mafia Aryan Brotherhood Colombian Cartel 18th Street gang PEN1, Nazi Lowriders, Florencia 13, Familia 27, Gulf Cartel, Playboys 13, Santa 13, Armenian Power: Rivals: Norteños, Nuestra Familia, Fresno Bulldogs, Latin Kings, Asian Boyz, Tiny Rascal Gang Location.

Allies: Mexican Mafia, Sureños, The Avenues, El Monte Flores 13, Bloods, Pirus, Kansas Street 13: Rivals: 18th Street Gang, 38th Street Gang, Playboys 13, East Coast Crips, Norteños, MS-13: The Florencia 13 is an American criminal street gang based on Los Angeles, California, composed mainly of Hispanic-Americans. Kev Mac Videos 138,240 views The Brims and nearby Crips are predominantly African American. 6 Answers. by John Donovan Jul 12, 2018.

MS-13 is probably one of the most feared gangs within the United States. Answer Save.

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