Syntax: show system route Sample Result: FD-XXX # show system route config system route edit 1 set device "port1" set gateway end end . The distance value may influence route preference in the FortiGate unit routing table. kernel-llb show llb routing table entries. I'd like to do the same with my fortigate but I don't find how to do. Once the FortiGate unit is configured to accept SSH connections, you can use an SSH client on your management computer to connect to the CLI. And show full-configuration. Here is a sample run of the preceding script running on the FortiGate Directly (via CLI).

Creating a static route on the FortiGate pointing to the IPSEC interface did not work (the route never displayed in the routing monitor) IPSEC VPN clients did have a static route on the FortiGate once connected, but that was not being redistributed; Firewall policies/rules were in place to allow traffic flow to/from internal network Solution. These computers need routing to be configured on them. config system global set management-vdom #<— this VDOM should have Internet access end. 6. kernel-all show all routing table entries. Outputs from FGT1: # FGT1# get router info bgp summary BGP router identifier, local AS number 65003 BGP table version is 11 2 BGP AS …
… See also distance under system interface. The range is an integer from 1-255. 7. Under Advanced Options, set the Priority to a higher number (in this example, 10). Enter the destination IPv4 address and network mask for this route. # execute log filter device <- Check Option Example output (can be different if disk logging is available): Available devices: 0: memory 1: disk 2: fortianalyzer 3: forticloud # execute log filter device XX <- … edit root. Contents FortiGate Version 4.0 CLI Reference 4 01-400-93051-20090415 • Feedback Encrypted password support..... 45 This allows the FortiGate to hide the IP addresses of the private network using network address translation (NAT). Set different types of log filter options, the number of results and from what point in the collected logs it is to start displaying.

show system interface The CLI displays the settings, including the allowed administrative access protocols, for the network interfaces. In NAT/Route mode, a FortiGate unit is installed as a gateway or router between two networks. To get any useful information, the script has to be re-written for the following if the VDOM is enabled for FortiGate and has to be run on the FortiGate Directly (via CLI). An LSA identifies the interfaces of all OSPF-enabled routers in an area, and provides information that enables OSPF-enabled routers to select the shortest path to a destination. I configure/support Fortigate firewalls on a daily basis, the baby 60DSL's, the 200A's, but mostly the big 3016B's. Fortigate: Cisco: show full-configuration: show run: execute factory-reset: write erase: show system interface: show run interface brief: diagnose hardware deviceinfo nic: show interface: get system status: show version: get system arp | diagnose ip arp list : show arp: get router info routing-table all : show ip route: diagnose system session list Enter the administrative distance for the route. CLI command on Cisco IOS: "show crypto ipsec sa" For example: interface: FastEthernet0 Crypto map tag: test, local addr. Define a filter giving the logs that the command line should return. Hello, we have a Fortigate 600D I've created a new IPSec Tunnel, and, for this tunnel, a static route. To configure Fortinet unit static routing - CLI. kernel-static show static routing table entries. Connecting to the CLI using SSH. I'm doing : get firewall policy But the result is only ID's.
static route inactive? dst.

edit 1. set gateway set distance 10. set device port2. Solution. show route static.

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