A major has three sharps: F A-flat major.

Purchase the printable versions of these fingering charts. On an A clarinet a C will sound as if A was played and consequently on a G clarinet a C will sound as a G.

It's basically just playing every single note on your fingering chart in order. F sharp and G flat are the same pitch and are called enharmonic equivalents. Printable image of a G Flat (F Sharp) scale as written for clarinet. The scale pattern would be G, G#, A, A# (Bb), B, B# (C), and so on. To see the fingerings for other pitches, select one of the note images in the chart below.

On a B(B flat) clarinet, when you play C it will sound B flat. ... E major.

There is only one non-flat key - F - which is a white key.

Clarinet major scales C major.

The fingerings for Middle F sharp and G flat are shown below. A chromatic scale can start on any note, and it covers the whole range.

View the interactive upper register clarinet fingering chart. D major. It has two flats, E-flat and B-flat. E-flat major. B-flat major.

F major. A major. The advantage of an F G major. Typically, clarinets start on G, but any note is fine. A-flat, B-flat, E-flat and D-flat.

It has one flat, B-flat.

The G-flat major scale has six flats: B-flat, E-flat, A-flat, D-flat, G-flat, and C-flat.

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