Like Harvard’s Workshop, Lexington Debate is focused on quality of instruction while maintaining non-profit status, ensuring that not only will your child learn at an advanced level, but your money will be going to a good cause. In the months leading up to the summer, the first cohort of students sacrificed their Saturdays to study in Atlanta under the tutelage of Brandon Fleming, Harvard University’s Assistant Debate Coach.

The Harvard Debate Council offers summer workshops in: Public Forum Congress Public Speaking & Argumentation Policy Debate To learn more and register, please visit the workshop website: Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops | Debate and Public Speaking . We look forward to connecting with all of our students digitally! Our Curriculum Coordinators have worked diligently to adapt their programs for online instruction. I've done some research on it, and it looks okay. The Harvard Debate Council is excited to announce that we will host online versions of each of our workshops. Please submit (upload) a bill or resolution you have written for a tournament (link). Hey all, I was thinking of registering for the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops. Our Curriculum Coordinators have worked diligently to adapt their programs for virtual instruction. During its inaugural year, the Harvard Diversity Project became a national media sensation after achieving a historic win at the Harvard summer debate residency. Can anyone tell me how it is? Please describe why you wish to participate in this program, your competitive strengths, your competitive weaknesses, and your goals for the advanced workshop. From Lumos Debate to Capitol Debate to the Harvard Debate Summer Workshops, there are plenty of options for where to send your child for the summer. We are excited to announce that the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops will now be conducted entirely online.

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