In WW2 the US battleships salvaged after Pearl Harbor had a similer performance to the R's. Sept navires de la Royal Navy ont porté le nom de HMS Royal Sovereign : . Lost on 14 Oct 1939. This list does not include individual ships that were part of a class.

On 30 May 1916, three weeks after her commissioning, Royal Sovereign was present in Scapa Flow when the fleet commander, Admiral John Jellicoe ordered the fleet to sea.

He also served on the following ships in 1939 to 1941, HMS Emerald, HMS Pembroke, HMS Sussex. HMS Royal Sovereign) 5 Battleships (6 names) of the Royal Sovereign class .

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HMS Ramillies (M aritime Quest, click to enlarge) return to Contents List : ROYAL SOVEREIGN-Class battleship ordered under the 1913 Build Programme from William Beardmore at Dalmuir, Glasgow and laid down on 12th November 1913. 1 of them was lost.
This thread is actually titled HMS Royal Sovereign. HMS REVENGE - Royal Sovereign-class 15in gun Battleship including Convoy Escort Movements .

The findings are available for free download, and we have listings of paint and camouflage schemes based upon latest understanding of RN WW2 …

This section includes over 21.000 Allied Warships and over 11.000 Allied Commanders of WWII, from the US Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, The Polish Navy and others. On 30 May 1944 she was transferred to the USSR as Archangelsk, the only battleship to change flag during WW2, and sailed for Russia on 17 August 1944. Admittedly with the latest gunnery control, they performed very well in one of the phases of Leyte Gulf so speed was not a factor then. WW2 People's War Homepage Archive List Timeline About This Site: Contact Us: More Details Of HMS Sovereign/Royal Navy by hmssovereign . Le HMS Royal Sovereign est un vaisseau de ligne de 1 er rang de 100 canons [1] construit en 1786 et en service dans la Royal Navy jusqu'en 1825. HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN remained on loan to the Soviet Navy until 9th February 1949 when she was handed back to the Royal Navy at Rosyth and reverted to her original name. le HMS Royal Sovereign, un vaisseau de 1er rang de 100 canons, lancé en 1701, détruit en 1768 ;; le HMS Royal Sovereign, un vaisseau de 1 er rang lancé en 1786, il participe à la bataille de Trafalgar, renommé en HMS Captain après être réduit à un service portuaire en 1825, détruit en 1841 ;
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HMS Royal Sovereign firing her guns during an exercise, 1917-1918: HMS Royal Sovereign off Mudanya, Ottoman Empire, Jul 1920: HMS Royal Sovereign at Scapa Flow, Scotland, United Kingdom, 1940s: HMS Resolution and HMS Royal Sovereign in the Indian Ocean, 1942-1943: HMS Royal Sovereign underway in the Indian Ocean, 1942-1943 HMS Revenge (M aritime Quest, click to enlarge) return to Contents List : ROYAL SOVEREIGN-Class battleship ordered under the 1913 Build Programme from Vickers and was laid down on 22nd December 1913. The ship was then placed on the Disposal List and sold to BISCO for breaking-up by T W Ward at Inverkeithing . HMS Royal Sovereign served the British Royal Navy during the latter portion of the 18th Century and the early portion of the 19th Century and is famously remembered for her participation (alongisde Horatio Nelson's HMS Victory) in the Battle of Trafalgar- a decisive British naval victory over the combined French-Spanish fleet. [2560x1493]

Thus only five of the original Revenge ships were constructed - including HMS Royal Sovereign (05). The list may also include several ships commissioned before World War II.

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