In other words, how do you spell or write 1000 with letters in Spanish? How to say 1000 in Spanish? you can change room by habitacion, which i in Spanish. I know it's a Spanish 1 skill, but school just started, gimme a break! 6 Answers. 1 decade ago. Relevance. how do u say 400, 900, 700, and 1000 n spanish? y dos, until you get to 199: cien y noventa y nueve. It can be confusing, but it's important to know the differences in how each translation is used. we assume you mean "What is one thousand in Spanish?"

100 is Cien, and after that you say: y uno. 1 decade ago. It's Mil. If I want to write "one thousand dot two" by number in Spanish, do I have to write like 1.000,2 in all case? Secondly, Decimal part is read like reading an integer? Spanish Numbers 100 to 1000. one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred five hundred six hundred seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred one thousand. Equis is Spanish for the letter ‘x’ – Dos Equis means ‘2 x’ or ‘double x’.

How do you say 1000 in spanish? stephanie! Start studying Spanish Numbers 10-1,000. Relevance. Counting in Spanish from 100 to 10,000,000. then 200 is DOS cientos. Make a selection from a dropdown to load another list of Spanish words. Dos Equis is a type of Mexican beer. Say one … 6 Answers. and the pattern continues, and then 1,000 is mil. You are already aware that the Spanish for one hundred is cien or ciento. How to pronounce 1000? RE: how do … Never 1,000.2? You may have seen the word "what" translated into Spanish in various ways—common ways of translating "what" include qué, cuál, lo que, and cómo. Mi tío rico me regaló miles de dólares ayer. I'm in Spanish 3 at my school, but for some reason i can't remember how to say 1,000 plus some odd numbers? 5 years ago. Answer Save. ... Get answers by asking now. In Spanish, the way you say "1,000" is: mil Listen: (If you have an HTML5 enabled browser, you can listen to the native audio below) This is a word that is used in the GamesForLanguage Spanish Language Game in the following scenes: Spanish 1, Level 3, Scene 6; Spanish 1, Level 4, Scene 5; Here we show you how to spell 1000 in Spanish: mil Spell Spanish Numbers Do you need to know how to spell another number in Spanish? If you feel like you got this, Learning Spanish with Ana is a good place to get some more practice and mastery of the language.

Ask question + 100. However, if one wanted to say "thousands of dollars", the plural would be used - miles de dólares . When you ask, "What is 1000 in Spanish?" When communicating in Spanish, it is sometimes useful to spell out the number 1000 with words instead of simply writing 1000. We have displayed how to write 1000 in Spanish below: mil To show you more clearly, we have separated the different parts of the number below, showing how we spelled 1000: 1000 = mil What is 1001 in Spanish? This calculator converts spanish numbers into text and audio. Homework: Pick up a Real Estate home listings brochure (you can find these everywhere) and read the asking prices out loud - IN SPANISH!!! . cerveza – beer This information is via Patrick Barnum in the … yep. Jowi. ¡Bien! The only two new words you need to learn are mil (1,000) and un millón (1,000,000).. Obviously, you're not going to be able to say everything you want to say with only 100 Spanish words — although you could do surprisingly well with fewer than 1,000. Answer Save. If you want to write it out you do that, but to say it you have. Jowi. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Login to reply the answers Post; prabhakar p. 1 decade ago. These Spanish numbers flashcards will help you to learn the numbers 100 to 1000 in Spanish. It's fine. Source(s): i'm mexican :D. 0 1 6. Favorite Answer .

100 and beyond When we reach 100 we say ciento . Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. 0 0 0. Relevance. … to say 'un mil'.

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