Most kinesio tape is made from a combination of cotton, spandex, and adhesive, which is what makes it different from the standard athletic tape you might see wrapped around someone’s ankle. Kinesio tape is popular with some athletes, but research doesn't reveal many benefits. Dr. Kase developed both the method and the first elastic therapeutic tape, Kinesio Tape. Novel sensory input changes the “output” — motor control and pain. Kase believed a flexible tape would stimulate better circulation to an injured muscle due to its tug on the skin.

Kinesio USA, LLC, began operating in 1994, headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico [source: Domrzalski]. Kinesiology tape is really stretchy.. Kase created Kinesio tape with a proprietary blend of cotton and nylon.

By utilizing Kinesio® Tex Tape, patients have reported a decrease in pain and swelling as well as quicker recovery times and a faster return to their original level of performance. Does it alleviate pain and injury while you exercise? How effective does he find Kinesio tape? You will be able to find out in the article blow. Does kinesiology tape really work? And if so how does it work? A. RockTape, KT Tape, KinesioTex, MummyTape, no matter what you call it it’s all Kinesio Tape.

Due to the tape’s ability to form to the skin, it has been shown effective in helping overcome instabilities in the body . Kinesio Tape has been popular for a while now, and there are a lot of questions about it, most commonly – How does Kinesio Tape work? Kinesiology tape, that brightly colored tape you've seen on runners, may be a short-term pain relief solution. Most of us first noticed colored kinesiology tape during the Summer Olympics, when beach volleyball players and other athletes sported black, pink or blue strips of it on their shoulders and legs. It’s designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity so you can use your full range of motion. I use it in our Cary, NC chiropractic clinic, especially on active and athletic patients. In my experience clinically I've found it very effective but there is minimal high quality evidence to support its use in runners. Over the years, kinesio tape has grown increasingly popular!

How does it work? "I've found it to give, not instant, but over the next 24-48 hours, to give fairly good pain relief." How Does Kinesio Tape Work? He also founded Kinesio, the company behind the product, in the 1980s, and formed the Kinesio Taping Association (KTA) in 1984. Since kinesiology taping is a relatively new and novel concept in the field of physical therapy, much research still needs to be done to understand the mechanisms of how the tape works and if it truly lives up to its claims. Elastic kinesiology tape (EKT) is supposed to act on five major physiological compartments of the body: skin, fascia (connective tissue), muscles, joints and the lymphatic system. With this in mind, you should definitely take the time to learn all about kinesiology tape. Does Kinesiology Tape Really Work? 8 Stick some tape on a bad knee, and chances are good that, properly framed as “therapy,” the patient will feel a bit better, for a while. "Really, really effective," he says.

But experts told us it depends on how you apply it. When an area of the body is injured through impact or over-use, the lymphatic fluid builds up causing inflammation and swelling. So does kinesio tape work? KT Tape is an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments*. Asked by jd • 132 votes. + HOW DOES KT TAPE WORK? Kinesio tape has actually been around for quite a while.

Kinesiology tape is a great tool for athletes and any one who has joint or muscle discomfort or imbalance. Numerous Uses With One Item. In fact, there are now clinical therapeutic applications of the kinesio taping method. Research is still ongoing, but most studies so far point to the answer: Probably not. Or, at least, no more so than any other means of pain reduction for sports injuries. A cat knows when it has tape stuck to its paw, and so does a human! There was some evidence to show that it doesn't decrease performance in a number of tasks and, in this regard, faired better than other types of taping. How does kinesiology tape work?

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