All the preparation and coordination it takes to put together a compelling sermon and musical performance leads up to a great show on Sunday morning, but how do you transition from speaking to your congregation to talking with individual members of your congregation as they return to the outside world. Ephesians 2:10-2:10 . With some guidance and wisdom from John Maxwell’s book, “Developing the Leaders Around You”, I want to show you how you can identify potential leaders in your church. A few weeks back, I heard from a senior leader at church we’ve been guiding through the Unstuck Process. The fourth thing you need to be a good and effective lay leader in your local church is to be open and receptive to new and different ideas from your pastors, to be inspired for change. In a church, leaders are crucial to a ministry’s ability to achieve its mission. A church leader’s most important job begins when the service ends.

But the recipe for a leader’s effectiveness does not all lie in the gene pool. The status of pastoral leadership in the South African church community is highlighted as a challenge to be considered from the perspective of servant leadership proposed in Matthew 20:16. He could facilitate the development of vision and strategy at his church, but he recognized the unique challenge of sitting in his seat. To be effective in ministry, breaking through with the love of Christ, then you, as a church leader, need to skillfully move in the right direction with the right source of confidence, having the right objectives and the right means of getting there.

For sure, some people are gifted communicators, visionaries or organizational wizards who seem to naturally know how to lead churches and organizations.

God can, and often chooses to, work with raw material. It’s a simple fact:

Every church has a slightly different leadership model and terms for describing those leaders, however, the basic characteristics of a church leader should be the same.

Introduction: ‘We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2: 10) God can use people with or without the natural ability and proper background. You will need to break through the obstacles in your skill set that keep you from leading effectively. In other words don’t take the, we’ve never done it that way attitude or that’s not the way my old preacher used to do it. The good news is there are common traits and characteristics that make highly successful church leaders successful.

Additionally, I want to show you how to equip and develop individuals into the type of leaders that will help carry forth the dream and vision God has given you. No Leader Escapes This Simple Fact. Church leadership helps to set the target, the pace and the culture within an organization.

Effective Christian Leadership . No matter the size of your church or the community that you serve, effective leadership should come from the heart and soul of a church leader. Trey is strategically-minded. 4 Skills Needed for Effective Church Leadership Program Resource.

Though there are many common traits that all people in leadership positions are required to have, there are some traits specific to leading a church.

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