I've read that there's multiple ways to go, but I don't have a Master Key, so now I've read that I can go over to the bridge where Hellkite Dragon is and go to Lower Undead Burg. So I've got past this guy before, but I think I was just lucky, I've one character on NG+ at Annor Londo, and a second that is at the Hellkite dragon bridge right at the beginning. I heard you get underneath him and shoot his tail with like 50 arrows. You can use the dragon to your advantage by allowing its flame breath to kill all of the enemies that stand in your way. But then I come upon the dragon. After beating the Taurus Demon, you will be led to an area with the Red Hellkite Dragon watching over a bridge. The best part about getting this weapon is you don't even have to fight the dragon to actually get it! Encounter Edit. Problem is, I'm having an extremely frustrating time trying to kill this thing. The former is far more likely as when the Ancient Dragon is slain, the Bearer of the Curse receives a Giant Soul. This is cheap as hell but go past him under the bridge, go up the latter past the rats climb the stairs kill the BK. I've tried running and doing a heavy attack but I haven't been able to get it to stand up. I've just rung the first bell after fighting the Bell Gargoyales, and now I'm stuck.

". Opens the door to Shulva, the Crown of the Sunken King DLC area. The next part of the Dark Souls getting past the Dragon guide is getting past him. It's the same one as earlier, so climb back up the ladder to get back on the correct path. Several methods can be used to obtain the tail. Shoot him with an arrow and he'll start flying and disappear. Hyper Mode Strategy. In case of the Hellkite Dragon, the tail has about 10.87% of his HP. I think damaging it would work too. The player first encounters Kalameet on the second stone bridge in Royal Wood.. Kalameet can be confronted opposite the Colosseum where Knight Artorias is fought. The door can be found by reaching the primal bonfire chamber in the Black Gulch and examining the obelisk. But as above stated, I still don't understand how to get underneath. Within the next minute you should hear his death cry + souls. I've been playing through dark souls (remastered) for the first time and have gotten to Ariamis, where I've killed the dragon on the bridge but when I try to get across I'm blocked by the bottom half of the dragon. With your shield up make a break for it and you should make it just barely. Shortly after moving into the clearing, Kalameet will fly through the canyon and breathe black fire at the Chosen Undead. It is possible to walk back and forth causing the dragon to alternate between turning to face the player and turning away. Take the stairs down because if you wait to long … ; Location. Added to inventory after the player purchases the Crown of Sunken King DLC or the Lost Crowns Season Pass.

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