Next, take a handheld vacuum or use a crevice attachment with your standard vacuum and vacuum out the dog bed. A dog bed should be easy to clean and long-lasting. Whether they like to sprawl out or nestle in, our Calming Pet Beds are designed with a raised brim which allows your pet to feel safe and protected whilst in it. I wasn't allowed to cut her blanket so I tucked it in to show this addition. 19 DIY Dog Beds Your Pooch Will Want to Lounge in All Day Long . Be sure you choose a fabric pattern and color that will compliment your existing furnishings. Using a soft upholstery fabric would make a dog bed durable and easy to clean. Resulting in a positive effect on your pets nervous system by reducing stress, calming and relaxing them. Lucky Dog! Pet stores offer dog friendly detergents and cleaners, which should be free of these chemicals. Vacuum the dog bed.

Your Pooch will Sleep Like a Prince with these 26 DIY Pet Bed Ideas. 360° Then, stack the 2 pieces so the rougher sides are facing inward, and cut off the rough edges of the fleece. I picked the right side but that step really doesn’t matter it all about where you plan on setting the lap bed. Pick the side of the jeans bed to tie it to. Use these to clean a dog bed rather than harsh, toxic cleaners. You may want to use a dusting attachment to sweep over the larger, flat parts of the dog bed, then switch to the crevice tool … Raised Bed: Raised pet beds help with both fleas (they live on the floor, and can only jump so high) and warmth. By Ellen Sturm Niz. Better than what you can buy in most pet stores, and handmade with love by you, these creative homemade dog beds are sure to please both you and your pup. Step 4 - … Then let it soak for at least 15 minutes. When the water is ready, put the bed in the tub and make sure the water covers it completely. Calling all pet lovers, namely those who adore dogs! Your furry friend deserves the absolute best, and there's nothing better than a handmade item that you crafted just for them. These easy crafts are so cute and comfy, you'll want to make one in your size! Next, pin the pieces of fleece together, cut out the corners, and cut 1-inch thick strips along all of the edges. How to Make a Dog Bed.

When your puppy appears frightened, try playing relaxing music to cut out scary sounds, or putting some blankets in a corner for your puppy to shelter in. If your puppy is over-excited before going to bed, give it a chew toy, since chewing is a relaxing activity for dogs. Focus on seams and folds in the bed, as this is where dust, debris, and other problems such as insects may hide and accumulate. Wrap: Create a homemade pillow for your favorite four-legged friend.You can make this to cover an existing dog bed or try a worn sofa cushion.

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