My heart kicks into overdrive, my hands shake, and my breathing gets shallow. The … Gaming, internet, movies, reading everything that was entertaining I got rid off. 0.

But if you implement the methods I outline below, you’ll be able to remove some of these seemingly impenetrable boulders, and find your way to the outside world that may not be so bleak and threatening after all. The social anxiety was the last thing to go, but once you learn how to release, it affects many areas of your life. I always got worried before starting any small talk with someone or eating with others. I overcame Anxiety and so can you (success story) Hello guys and gals, ive been wanting to write my story and thoughts for quite some time now, in hopes that it could be useful for someone.

I just assumed I was incredibly shy and it was something I would grow out of. How I overcame my social anxiety. It’s the buildup that gets me. Free from the straight jacket that was my social anxiety, my life has opened up to far more exciting and fuller opportunities. If you had to classify my anxiety, it falls into the social anxiety bucket. It’s an amazingly simple technique but it has worked absolute wonders for me, and has allowed me to turn my life around.

Social confidence is not some exclusive club you are born into, anyone can join. I lived with social anxiety for over 20 years, right through my entire childhood.

Basically I stripped all the virtual entertainment from my life. But that didn’t happen. So I decided to take some rest in the dormitory. I am dreaming much bigger than I once did. I would hide away in my room playing games, watching movies and tv series at every opportunity I got. Furthermore, one day when I was traveling, my train was a little bit late. Social Anxiety: How I Overcame? I decided to try a “dopamine fast” and it changed my life. My Social Anxiety. At the time, I didn’t know I had a mental health issue. I used to have severe social anxiety. From family life to education as well as work and close relationships. How I Overcame Social Anxiety In Just One Hour. Important meetings at work, client calls, and social introductions get me worked up.

Whether you want just a little more confidence and to like yourself better, or if you are suffering from a full social anxiety disorder as I was for many years, you will greatly benefit from the lessons and action steps provide in this course. I’m still the quiet one, but I can now speak to people without my heart feeling as if it’s about to explode. The struggle dimishes, life starts to flow. That paired with performance anxiety. Social anxiety disorder can have a massive negative effect on numerous areas of your life.

Social anxiety and shyness feels like a brick wall, enveloping the sufferer. The minute before I know I need to have something to say is when my mind goes bonkers. The most common thing which faced during my social anxiety days is fearless in front of the public to speak. Evidence shows it’s common for a person suffering from a social anxiety to have experienced at least one other mental disorder. Share.

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