Come and be transformed! Invited to live. What does the Holy Spirit do? The Life in the Spirit Seminars have a very limited goal. The Life in the Spirit Seminars are a widely-used course which has helped thousands of Christians to find fuller expression and commitment in their spiritual lives. Transformation Mar 29 Fr. For more information, please click on the image below. The seminar will begin sharp at 10 30 am and we on behalf of our college welcome your college to participate in the seminar and gain utmost benefits. … The HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER GROUPS of NY and NJ CORDIALLY INVITE YOU TO ATTEND A Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar (A Parish Renewal Weekend Experience) Experience a deeper relationship with Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Limited space available!!! WHAT ARE THE LIFE IN THE SPIRIT SEMINARS? Scripture verses that were so “ho-hum” to you in the past now come alive with new meaning. A little of the water of the Spirit can come from the persons being visited when they share with you their testimonies about the Seminar in the presence of their family, which perhaps they would never do without the event of … Hurry up and register!! Pierre LeBlond . The seminars are presented over the course of 7 evenings (one evening a week for 7 weeks). We invite you to join us together for the Life in the Spirit Seminar that will be held on Saturday, October 23, 2010 and on Sunday, October 24, 2010.

Watch Queue Queue Who is the Holy Spirit? Spirit Mar 22 Alex Lim. Subject: Invitation Letter for Seminar. Plan to attend our upcoming Life in the Spirit seminar that will take place at Mother of God Community on six Sunday evenings from 6 to 8 pm in our school library, starting Sunday, October 28th.Everyone 18 years or older is welcome. For people to continue to grow and develop in this new life they need to come together with others who are living this same way to … : Moderator: James Sadhoo Conducted by: KFI-LSS Ministry (Visit us Music: People’s Praise Band … The letter may for individuals or group. This letter should contain the date, time, venue, the number of people who will be there. The invitation letter should state the information of the seminar, in brief, to allow the recipient to consider accepting the invite. Another great thing that happens after you recharge your spiritual batteries with the infilling of the Holy Spirit at a Life in the Spirit Seminar is that you come away with a love of Scripture that you never had before. It is in this spirit that they created the association Invitation to Life in February 1983, and opened their first centre in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.

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