"No Danzo" Naruto replied " The only one who will die here is you and your Root drones. Shisui was a really good friend of Itachi. Danzo uses a forbidden jutsu (plot convienency) to regenerate his eyes, chakra, stamina, etc. In episode number 358 in shippuden, danzo stole one of Shisui’s eyes as he didn’t trust Shisui and thought that even he would betray the village. However, because Danzō is not an Uchiha, his chakra levels drop substantially every time a new Sharingan is used to activate the technique. Danzo acquired his right arm from Shin Uchiha with the help of Orochimaru. The Former Uchiha Madara met his end at the hands of Shodai Hokage and the Senju elders thought the name of Uchiha Madara died with him. They cover it because they aren't part of the Uchiha clan and don't have the power to keep it permanent like Itachi. Danzo knew about Tobi and that he was the likely culprit behind the Kyuubi attack, instead of the Uchiha clan, but … He can't harm Orochimaru. Desperate to avoid this outcome, Sasuke and his like-minded best friend, Shisui, decided to use the latter's unique eye abilities to manufacture peace, but Danzo sabotaged them …

Madara has also an eternal Mangekyo sharringan. including Shisui's eye to fight 'Madara'

Danzo reached a hand to the bandage around his right eye and once he took it off, a Sharingan was revealed. And he underestimated Sasuke. Any damage done to Danzo continued to have no effect as he kept reappearing. Danzo considered Shisui to be the strongest Uchiha of his time. Danzo succeeds in defeating Sasuke at the Samurai Bridge and thus Tobi/Obito is forced to jump in and protect him. Danzo wasnt all out, since he wanted to fight Tobi after he beats Sasuke. Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara) was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. Whether it was before or after Itachi Uchiha killed him, it is unknown.

He declared. Using that opportunity, Danzo evaded Sasuke and went behind Karin, holding her by the throat. Danzo's eye must be a transplanted one because he hides it all the time, like kakashi to conserve chakra. One thing I know for sure is that Danzo is NOT Tobi/Madara even though they have the same hairstyle-.- Danzo is one of the most hated characters in Naruto, you know why!
Well we all know what Danzo's shtick is, he used the Uchiha's history as an excuse to have them slaughtered so he could take their power for himself. He can't be madara because he has a normal sharingan and not a Mangekyo. Danzo just chose the path with the least amount of casualties. He founded Konohagakure alongside his childhood friend and rival, Hashirama …

But there is a chance that Danzo probably took the other Sharingan from Obito or Izuna (Madara's younger brother). Shisui Uchiha was renowned as "Shisui of the Body Flicker." In front of him appeared Danzo with the remnants of the Root.
"It seems that you are stronger than I at first anticipated."

Now we'll have a real battle of the eyes!"

Danzo learned from Madara some of the secrets of the Uchiha Clan that are normally only know to the Elders of the Uchiha clan such as the title and meaning of the name Uchiha Madara. As Tobirama put it the uchiha have always been a ninja clan with alot of immense power but at the same time extreme psychological issues. Seemingly, Danzo took the Sharingan from Shisui Uchiha. Obito would be around 30 years old and danzo is about 60 to 70. Obito, Madara or Sasuke. Danzo's end goal was to end the Uchiha clan once and for all, supposedly to benefit the entire village. Sasuke dashed at him with his Chidori, leaving Karin behind. This is found in Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Manga.. Orochimaru did another implant onto Danzō taking Shin Uchiha's Sharingan-embedded arm and placing that, alongside some of … The whole life of Danzo is a mystery, the rise of root, why it was created, how did danzo get so many sharingan etc. Sasuke asked Danzo again if he had ordered Itachi to wipe out the Uchiha, and Danzo, following torture, confirmed it indirectly.

He was one of the few Uchiha who genuinely cared about the prosperity of the Hidden Leaf. iF you look at the history of the hidden leaf the biggest problems have always stemmed from some uchiha. "Not yet. @VercingetorixTheGreat said: @ALMIGHTY: how?All Danzo does is survive for a while. Itachi's stamina is awful and Danzo is at least in the same speed class as Itachi. As he lectured Sasuke, Danzo was crushed, but using Izanagi, a dojutsu even the Uchiha forbade use of, Danzo survived and the battle commenced. Shisui had also awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan. Danzo isn't obito neither uchiha madara. The Complete Form of Izanagi (the best) Finally, we have the Uchiha members who can control Hashirama's DNA — Obito and Madara.

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