“It is finished,” he cried and then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

This is one of the seven sayings, as we say, of the Lord Jesus on the cross.
To finish, you know, is to bring to an end; and there are two ways in which things may be brought to an end or finished.
Scripture reading: John 19:23-42. A work is said to be finished when it is completed or brought to perfection. a. The sixth phrase, recorded only by John, was “It is finished.” What did He finish on the cross? This morning, we have looked at a few theological principles from Jesus' sixth saying from the cross.

At the time, the moment was filled with too much emotion for those words to sink in and to ponder what they meant.

CONCLUSION: 1. 'It is finished' and He bowed His head and gave up the ghost."

Just moments before Jesus died, but not immediately before He died, Jesus spoke the sixth cross word, the last but one word of the cross: "It is finished." First, we have learned from the words "it is finished" that Jesus faithfully fulfilled His … Barry Gritters.

Rev. In the sacristy of a church in Florence, the unfinished masterpieces of Michelangelo were gathered together, and by count, he left more works unfinished than complete. What does “It is finished” mean? But later as the early Christians read John’s Gospel and heard again those words, it dawned on them just how powerful these dying words of Jesus were. We must make it to the finish line so that we may receive the crown of life.

What we may not remember, however, is that he left far more works unfinished than finished.

"It Is Finished" Sermon preached on April 5, 1998 (p.m.) in Hudsonville, Michigan.

This is the second to last, not the last cross word. In fact, “paid in full” means that once a thing is paid for, it is foolish to try to pay for it again. New Testament Sermons Old Testament Sermons Sermon Series Audio Sermons Sermon Links ... "It is finished!" I believe that these are the greatest words Jesus Christ ever spoke and I would like to tell you why this morning. “It is finished” (Tetelestai) could be interpreted as “Paid in full.” “Paid in full” means that once a thing is paid for, you never have to pay for it again. Text: John 19:30. from the cross is a cry of defeat. I said last week that I'd attempt to talk to you on the three most important words, I believe, in history - IT IS FINISHED . For years, liberals and unbelievers have declared that this cry of Jesus.

A word study of John 19:30 A Series on What is Atonement: Part 1 During His crucifixion, the last words of Jesus Christ were recorded to have been seven phrases.

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