You could always replace Mercedes with another Link Skill for more damage. Inner ability First line: Increase attack speed

Do I need to buy CS items to get the best effects from it? 09-02-2012, 05:51 AM Post your Stats and maximum stats your level and around how many dusts you have used! *Jett - Link Skill Core Aura: Adds random stats to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and WATT/MATT (? (15% Boss for level 2). for level 2).

question Jett Core Aura Link Skill best stats one can get??

And as a resistance class its not as if you have a choice to choose whether you want it or not. Most classes have a unique link skill, while others, like the Cygnus Knights, all have the same link skill, Cygnus Blessing. Cosmic Dust Shifter – Rotate stats of Core Aura. Every MapleStory Link Skill, Ranked From Worst to Best Link Skills are transferable skills in MapleStory that unlock at level 70, 120, and 210 (for some characters). However, Jett can’t actually link it’s link skill until level 70. <3

* costs 1,500 NX per month for upkeep of link skill (plus NX to get it to where you want) ** for training only The ones I use are the first 12 in the list (up to Beast Tamer). LINK SKILL: Core Aura (Random Stat) MAPLE UNION EFFECT: Critical Damage +1/2/3/5/6% BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack Speed +1, Attack +30 JOB SKILLS: I: Jett → II: Jett → III: Jett → IV: Jett → Hyper Skills → V: Jett. Each character can only transfer their link skill to one other character with a cooldown of 24 hours.
Stellar Cosmic Solidifier – Lock Core Aura’s stats for 30 days. The same goes for Hayato who has only level 1 link skill.

**Zero** link skill is pretty great, and the character card (+8% exp at S) is useful (-15% dmg taken and +10% pdr at lvl 5) **Cygnus Knights** have quite a useful link skill, but in order to make full use of it you have to make all 5 cks and you can't give the link to other cks (+25% ele/status resist at lvl 10) Find the Link Skill Manager, Click the Available button and choose which character you want to transfer your link skill … (15% Boss for level 2).
This is a list of the possible link skills. In Reboot, you basically get +3 all stat and att but a bonus on a single stat based on your Jett's level (I think its +1 per 10 levels). Most link skills have a maximum level of 2 or 3, which unlocks when your character reaches the following levels. Since post ultimate, bosses do damage on % hp so having more hp won't really save you. The Jett link skill is up to 35 for ATT, M.ATT, and each basic stat.

Kaiser's link skill IS pretty good, for squishy classes, star force barely gives you any defensive stat, i remember being 160 with my db and getting one-shotted by the blackheart (dipq bonus boss) and for sure, had star force at least 10* on everything, still was lacking 1k hp to survive (barely) in that case, kaiser's link skill could've saved me When you level up Link Skills, you can use the skills on other characters you have in the same world. What they need to do, is change kaiser link skill to 15% hp and 10% damage reduction :) Its only decent now cause bosses still do damage normally. Items podem ser usados para resetar ou manter o bonus da skill:-Star Dust: Reseta os Stats.-Supernova Dust: Reseta os Stats.-Condensed Supernova Dust: Reseta e melhora os Stats. This would be top 5 for me otherwise.

Cant seem to get it to go above 3. The only real use to 15% hp as a link skill is for training purposes. Accepting the Link Skill quest with a Quest Deliverer will break Tot's; ... Jett: This is actually a lot more useful if you spend the money on it. Lượng stat thay đổi ngẫu nhiên mỗi ngày, lượng stat tăng nhiều hơn sau khi thực hiện chuyển nghề lần 4. Changing STR > DEX > INT > LUK.

*Phantom - Link Skill Deadly Instinct: 10% more Critical Rate (15% Crit for level 2).

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