These two characters Greg and Maura were always butting heads. He's lunch money Journey Winant , Ke'Ryn Netters Resolution Frame of Reference Question:1 Frame of Refrence Question:2 CLIMAX when he did not think that he could draw the pictures for the comics and not Journey Winant , Ke'Ryn Netters The theme is don't doubt your self and you should For example, Maura copies Greg Character The main character is Greg Kenton. Critical Review Author Review Personal Evaluation The author of my book is Andrew Clements. Some of the books that he has written are The map trap, Jake Drake teacher's pet, Big Al, Ham and Also, you may have to prepare before you try to reach your goal. Money Synonym: Gold, Loot My Mom and Dad have a lot of money in their bank account. Setting The publisher Lunch Money by Parker Wrenn on Prezi Theme Lunch Money From Our Prospective We think the theme of the story is it is not always easy to accomplish you goals. For example it was hard for Greg to make the comic books perfect. Noun Any circulating medium of exchange , including coins, paper money, and demand deposits. The theme of the book is that it is better to give than to receive. LUNCH MONEY By: Andrew Clements Main Characters Greg Maura Principle Author's Purpose Plot Publisher and Publication Date: The Author wrote this story to make the reader laugh, and also to let the reader know why are they fussing over comic books, and toys. His rival, Maura Shaw, starts her own Plot Greg Kenton is a 6th grader with a lot of talent who likes to make money. Intro To Greg Kenton, Money is everything to him, and everybody at his school has an extra quarter or two, then he has an idea that will get that money into his own hands My book My book is Lunch Money written by Andrew Clements. He graduated from Northwestern. Money doesn't buy you happiness. Andrew Clements was born in Camden, New Jersey in 1949. Prezi He starts his business, Chunky Comics, which is a big hit. Maura sees Greg's ideas and she keeps copying him. THE END Andrew Clements THE BOOK LUNCH MONEY Body Conclusion This story happened mostly in school but sometimes in their neighborhood.

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