Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, co-produced, and co-edited by James Cameron.Incorporating both historical and fictionalized aspects, it is based on accounts of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage. The post-sinking scenes were shot in a 350,000 gallon tank where the frozen corpses were created by applying a powder on the actors that then crystallized when exposed to water.

The grand wooden staircase was at the center of multiple scenes throughout Titanic, including one when water begins crashing in from the glass ceiling as … The Titanic Historical Society tried to get the production company to insert a scene of Edwina MacKenzie (Titanic Survivor) into that sequence by just filming her at her house at Hermosa Beach up against the sky, but the production people couldn't spare the $2500 to go there and film it. Above is a brief behind-the-scenes clip of the "Staircase Implosion" scene from Titanic. More Than a Green Screen. 4/9/2014 ... we’re building it as a real staircase that can actually take quite a bit of damage with water and things like that” (Making of Titanic). 0 0 0. The ocean scenes were indeed filmed in the ocean, but not in the freezing north Atlantic. Source(s): water scene titanic filmed: https://biturl.im/vMlRh. The scene at the dock where onlookers wave the Titanic goodbye was completely shot using computers. A scale model was built. It is understood that in the making of the last few scenes a few extras were injured during the plunge. Jack and Rose's sweaty sexy car scene (that handprint, am I right?!) There is also a scene in Titanic where an elderly couple hold each other's hands on their beds and cry while their room fills with water. 9 years ago. Login to reply the answers Post; Seederman.

That’s not what happens in Titanic. The problem with this type of camera work is that, to make the scene flawless, the water has to break through in the same way every time the scene is reshot. The scenes with which you refer were filmed inside the ship. The ship itself was a one-third size replica built somewhere in Los Angeles I believe, I'm not entirely sure on the location. Lv 7. Wax was applied to hair and clothes to create a wet look. It also led to the creation of a new movie studio in Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. It had a full working interior as well. Behind-the-Scenes: Production Design and the Grand Staircase in Titanic. A few facts and difficulties about making “The Titanic” -Huge water tanks were built in order for the model ship to sink into for the ending scene, each water tank was 90 foot wide and 800 foot deep and contain 17 million gallons of water that was fed to the tanks directly from the Pacific ocean. In fact, in order to get footage of the ship’s actual remains, Cameron’s brother and Panavision worked together to create a deep-sea camera system that would allow them to film from outside their submarine. The ship and the passengers were all digitised. The making of the Titanic movie required literally thousands of experienced and skilled technicians, artists, designers, writers and producers. Computer generated special effects were used throughout to sharpen the film's appeal. Rose amazes the partygoers by performing a party trick of standing directly on her tiptoes, then dances merrily with Jack and shows the crew and passengers that a first-class girl can drink. Part of that lasting effect is due to the filming techniques used in the making of Titanic. James Cameron has joked that his true reason for making the film is that he wanted to visit the actual Titanic shipwreck. The effects and scale of this latest natural disaster are so huge that production used the Mexico-based water tanks James Cameron employed to film 1997’s Titanic… The 11th scene in “Titanic” depicts young Jack Dawson taking Rose to a wild party complete with dancing and Irish jigs. The scene towards the end where the ship rises out of the water then sinks vertically was filmed in front of a blue screen.

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