The surface should now be lightly coated with batter and cooking. A well-seasoned or nonstick crepe pan is key for thin, lacy, soft crepes. This pan has the right temperature, 400°F. Fill up about an inch. Quickly flip the pan back over. Before using them, season cast iron or carbon steel crepe pans. Many cooks like using ceramic pans because of the cookware's consistent heat distribution, nonstick properties and easy cleanup. ... Pour batter into dipping pan. While you can cook pancakes free-form on a large griddle, you do need a pan to cook crepes because the batter is much thinner. While you can use any frying pan to make crepes, a crepe pan makes it easier to produce and flip a thin crepe. If you don't have a crepe pan on hand, choose a heavy bottomed pan with thick steel that heats evenly. Quickly pick the pan up and tilt and twirl it until the batter covers the bottom of the pan. Types of Crepe Pans When making crepes, what kind of cooking pan is best? A crepe pan with a … Hold the handle of the crepe maker and dip the hot pan surface into the batter in the pie pan. What you do do is dip the warmed pan into batter (I'd think you stick just the cooking surface into the batter, not the whole thing) and put it back on your burner to cook a crepe quickly. Ceramic pans are safe for stove top use on electric, gas and ceramic cooktops, and some pans are also oven-safe at temperatures up to 400 degrees F, although they're not broiler-safe. how to use a crepe maker for absolutely perfect crepes {SO EASY!} You want just enough batter to cover the pan in a thin layer and no more. Heat frying pan until very hot (on high heat on stove top), spray it with oil spray and, using a soup ladle, pour small amount of batter into the frying pan as you roll the pan from side to side just enough to cover the bottom of the pan evenly with a thin layer of crepe batter. The ideal pan for making crepes will be 8 or 10 inches in diameter. Heat: Slowly heat the pan to the desired temp. See the product description on this convex pan on amazon and this vintage pan on ebay for where I got my information. Take ⅓ cup batter and pour it over the griddle. Nonstick pan: while you don’t need a special pan or crepe maker to make amazing crepes, you do need a nonstick pan!FYI: Here’s the exact pan I use. The batter might be soft and gooey, so be careful not to break the circle while spreading—but make sure the crepe is still thin and even.

Plus an easy, delicious crepe recipe. A defined edge is necessary to control the size and thickness of the crepe.

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