May Day (May 1) is a holiday rich in history and folklore, celebrating the return of spring!

This article lists out some great quotes and sayings, interesting holidays, and some good trivia questions for you to test your knowledge. The observance probably originated in ancient agricultural rituals, and the Greeks and Romans held such festivals. May Day, in medieval and modern Europe, holiday (May 1) for the celebration of the return of spring. May Day Interesting Facts: Cool & Amazing Info about May Day. At the time, labor movements around the world were fighting for fair … May Day Facts & Quotes. May Day is also recognized as International Worker's Day, or Labour Day. It was of particular significance in the Soviet Union during the 20th century. The most popular tradition of May Day is the maypole. Month of May: Fun Facts, Quotes, and Trivia. Every month has its own significance, and as the month of May approaches, we bring to you some lesser known facts about it. While no one talks about August Day or October Day or March Day, May 1st has its own special (albeit not very imaginative) name: May Day. Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice-procedure radio communications.. In fact, May Day is the equivalent of America’s Labor Day for certain countries. Decoration Day . It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency primarily by aviators and mariners, but in some countries local organizations such as firefighters, police forces, and transportation organizations also use the term. Learn more about May Day and 10 ways to “bring in the May.” As a child, we remember our grandparents leaving delightful little May Day baskets, as well as the fun tradition of dancing around the maypole at school. Roman Catholics celebrate May as Mary's month and May Day is celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May Day has shared a date with International Workers' Day since the 1880s. On May 5, 1868, General John A. Logan, leader of an organization for Northern Civil War veterans, called for a nationwide day of remembrance later that month. May Day held annually on May 1st, is a spring holiday marking the arrival of warm season and bids farewell to the extreme winter season. It is observed on May 1 in many countries, where it is the occasion for demonstrations and rallies in support of workers. May Day, day that commemorates the historic struggles and gains made by workers and the labour movement. One popular cause that this day commemorates is the eight-hour workday. In countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and Romania, it is observed with dancing, singing, and festivities while in the U.S, May Day …

The first of May is a unique day indeed. May Day, celebrated on May 1, has taken on many meanings over the centuries, and it wasn't until the 19th century that it became known as International Workers' Day in the United States. May Day probably has Roman origins, emerging from the festival Floralia, which was a celebration of fertility and nature that took place around early May and was dedicated to the goddess Flora.However, it is also believed that May Day has roots in the Celtic festival Beltane – a day that marks the start of summer and considered the best time for animals to be put out to pasture. The day has its root in old pagan festivals celebrating the arrival of summer. May Day is a holiday celebrated on the first day of May which has its roots from an ancient spring festival. This day commemorates workers rights and the labour movement.

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