Watch with Prime. Metro Kingdom Last 3 Coins. Home Collectibles Super Mario Odyssey Guide & Walkthrough Metro Kingdom Metro Kingdom Purple Coins. Audio Languages. Click on a regional coin icon under a kingdom to see a list of all regional coins in that kingdom. Grab all the purple coins in Bowser’s Kingdom as we reach the penultimate main level of Super Mario Odyssey. Clip: Return to Snow Kingdom. 18 comments. Metro Kingdom: As soon as you touch down into the city proper, climb the building on the left, go all the way to the back, and check between the two signs facing out into the void.

To help you find each purple coin in the kingdom, here is a Snow Kingdom Purple Coin Locations guide which includes a map of where to find each Snow Kingdom purple coin as well as some directions on how to get them in the kingdom. Cap Kingdom Locations Glasses Bridge • Central Plaza • Sometimes Bridge • Top-Hat Tower: Story missions Cappy of the Cap Kingdom: VR mission

01/22/2018. In Super Mario Odyssey Part 21, we explore Metro Kingdom and collect Metro Kingdom Moons and Metro Kingdom Purple Coins! Click on a Power Moon icon under a kingdom to see a list of all Power Moons in that kingdom. In today's episode, we visit the Metro Kingdom to explore, open the moon rock, and find tons of Metro Kingdom Moons, and Metro Kingdom Purple Coins. Guide by Dom Reseigh-Lincoln, Contributor For Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Missing 2 purple coins in New Donk. ALL. English. This is the one of the two sets of purple coins I really had trouble finding, good job Nintendo on hiding these well. Super Mario Odyssey Purple Penny locations - how to find Purple Penny in Super Mario Odyssey How to unlock all Purple Penny coins in Metro Kingdom. Thanks! Subtitles. January 28, 2018. I am missing 3 purple coins in the Metro Kingdom. Mario must enter the race and then reach the finish line in first place to be awarded a Power Moon. There are 100 coins to find … Cap Kingdom Walkthrough.

share. Hi! As expected, the population of this kingdom is very crowded and its primary industries are information and ads. 54min. 100% Upvoted. New comments cannot be … Does anybody know of some particularly hard-to-get coins I may have missed? ". The primary currency of the Metro Kingdom are purple City Coins, however, they also accept regular gold coins. Super Mario Odyssey Guide & Walkthrough. 3795 . Subtitles. save hide report. 22. The kingdom is notable for being primarily inhabited by humans, as known as New Donkers. English [CC] Audio Languages. Watch with Prime Buy HD $0.99 This thread is archived. Metro Kingdom Purple Coins. Cap Kingdom. View guide index. Metro Kingdom Master Cup Atop an eastern building bear the "Free Parking: Leap of Faith" Power Moon, the player can find a Koopa Troopa hosting the Koopa Freerunning mini-game.

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