WHAT A THIRD trip to Puerto Rico in June, 2018 is being planned by the International Primatological Society (IPS). The goals are: 1) To continue to help reconstruct the communities of the humans who care for the monkeys on Cayo Santiago (“Monkey Island”) 2) To help rebuild the Cayo Santiago infrastructure which is needed to feed and water the monkeys. One of the first places Hurricane Maria hit in the U.S. territory Sept. 20 was Monkey Island, a 40-acre outcropping off the east coast that is one of the worldâ s most important sites for research into how primates think, socialize and evolve. The colony came from a primate research center in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, traveling 1,300 miles to Morgan Island, S.C.– where they were re-established as a free-range colony, and bred to fulfill the needs of biomedical researchers. Call or email to reserve your spot! Puerto Rico’s ‘Monkey Island’ Needs Help Fast to Save Its Inhabitants The island is the oldest wild primate research center in the world. 636 likes. Monkeys move about on Cayo Santiago, known as Monkey Island, in Puerto Rico on Oct. 4, 2017. Today the land is off-limits to visitors, but snorkelers are welcome to observe from the sea. The BEST Kayak EcoTours to Monkey Island. Barefoot Travelers Rooms, where shoes are optional, is a unique, relaxing, clean and comfortable Beach Guesthouse located off the beaten path, on the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico.

This tiny island is home to the descendants of a colony of rhesus monkeys brought here from India in the 1930s for research.

Kayak Monkey Island, Punta Santiago, Puerto Rico. By Jess McHugh 63 were here. CAYO SANTIAGO, Puerto Rico — As thousands of troops and government workers struggle to restore normal life to Puerto Rico, a small group of scientists is racing to … Guests at Barefoot Travelers Rooms receive priority booking and a 5% discount on all of our Adventures. These amazing adventure activities are open to all visitors to Puerto Rico and island residents alike. Monkey Island, also known as Cayo Santiago, is located off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico. Barefoot Travelers Rooms is the homebase of Team Spirit Hanggliding & Paragliding, which is endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. Established 1993, this is a tour specially designed for nature lovers.
We are just 6 houses from a very gentle coastline of the Caribbean Sea, nestled next to the Humacao Nature Reserve. Monkey Island, North Carolina, a remote, natural island in Currituck Sound, North Carolina Monkey Island, Oklahoma , a peninsula in the Grand Lake o' the Cherokees in northeast Oklahoma Cayo Santiago or Island of the Monkeys, Puerto Rico

Discover Monkey Island in Humacao, Puerto Rico: This small primate research island is teeming with playing, fighting wild monkeys. reservations@kayakmonkeyisland.com

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