Sharon Ventura, also known as She-Thing, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Ms Lion was chasing Hairball around the park when Lockjaw and Throg appeared out of nowhere. Aunt May’s cowardly dog, Ms. Lions would constantly find herself in scary situations and was one of the … The first series received mixed reviews, with IGN rating the first issue a 6.5 out of … Lion shares a similar origin history with her Earth-8107 counterpart. Fantastic. She keeps Aunt May company whenever Angelica, Peter, and Bobby fight crime. Ms. Lion would constantly find herself in scary situations and was one of the few dogs trusted with the Spider-Friends' secret identities. Ms. Links and References 2 Appearances of Ms. She has used the pseudonym Ms. Marvel and has served as a member of the Fantastic Four and the female wrestlers known as the Grapplers . The series concludes with Lockjaw presenting the Gems to a surprised Mr. 1 Peter Parker (Earth-616) 2 James Howlett (Earth-616) 3 Anthony Stark (Earth-616) She saw how the Spider-Friends were killed by Morlun. Trivia Along with Ms. Lion is from the Marvel Productions Universe series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Ms. Ms. Ms. Lockjaw had... Savage Land. Reception.

Lion (resurrected by Hairball via the Soul Gem) dubs the group the Pet Avengers. Lion is a dog that is the pet of the Spider-Friends. Once Lockjaw was satisfied that they had enough team members, he teleported them to the Savage Land. Lion was Angelica Jone’s cowardly dog. Lion, Peter had owned a few pets over the years but had lost them one way or another. Biography. Mayor Story Arcs Pet Avengers. Lion was a pet Dog that Peter Parker had previously owned while growing up. Lion was Firestar's pet on the animated series "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends." Ms. … Ms. More Marvel Database. Ms.

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