Polish Swieto Konstytucji, Poland's time-honored patriotic festival, commemorates the nation's first (and the world's second ever) written constitution, passed by the country's parliament on May 3rd, 1791. May 1st is a Labour Day in Poland, so most of Poles take May1st, 2nd and 3rd off and usually it creates a really nice long May weekend for them. On May 3, 1791, the Constitution of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was adopted. It introduced fundamental changes in the way Poland was governed, based on the ideas of the French Revolution, and represented an attempt to preserve the country's independence. Polish Constitution Day May 3 May 3, known in Poland as Swieto Trzeciego Maja, is a patriotic legal holiday honoring the nation's first constitution, adopted in 1791. Our History. The current Constitution of Poland was founded on 2 April 1997. Constitution Day is part of a holiday season known as Majówka , which also includes the May 1/Labor Day holiday. Reservations: Ewa Ruminski, 773-742-1477; 3maj@usa.com. Formally known as the Constitution of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Konstytucja Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej), it replaced the Small Constitution of 1992, the last amended version of the Constitution of the Polish People's Republic, known from December 1989 as the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. And it is this pursuit of liberty and justice that inspired Poland to cast aside communism in 1989. It was the Polish people’s desire for freedom that led to Poland’s rebirth as an independent country in 1918. Polish President Andrzej Duda, in his official address marking the 229th anniversary of the passage of Poland's historic 1791 May 3rd Constitution, the first document of its kind in Europe, said Poland needed constitutional safeguards during the coronavirus pandemic. Polish Constitution Banquet; Lone Tree Manor 7730 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 60714. The 129th Chicago Polish Parade will commemorate the Polish Constitution of 1791, the first democratic constitution in Europe and second in the world only to the United States Constitution. Constitution Day, May 3rd. It was modern Europe's first codified national constitution and the second in the world, following the American one.

The history of Constitution Day in Poland dates back to 3 May 1792, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth adopted its constitution.

According to Norman Davies, the Constitution of Poland is "the first constitution of its type in Europe" and it’s also the world's second-oldest constitution, following the American one.

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