Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie is a Halloween-themed animated movie from Walt Disney Productions which was released direct-to-video on September 13, 2005. Lumpy is a Heffalump and a character from the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

Lumpy likes honey, can be afraid at times, and loves to bounce. They decide to set out on an expedition to catch the Heffalump.

Directed by Frank Nissen. Pooh and his friends are shocked when Roo befriends a playful Heffalump. SIGN UP NOW LOG IN. The 150 Best Movies on Disney+ To Watch Right Now. 01 Jun. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie It’s a hilariously haunting Halloween in the 100 Acre Wood. Updated May 27, 2020.

When the streaming service launched back on November 12, ... Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (2005) Air … Roo’s best new pal, Lumpy, is excited to trick-or-treat for the first time…until Tigger warns them about the dreaded Gobloon who’ll turn you into a Jaggedy Lantern if he catches you. Pooh's Heffalump Movie. When Roo sets off on his own into the Hundred Acre Wood, he discovers a friendly and playful Heffalump named Lumpy. Films that contain a G (general audiences - all ages admitted) rating by the MPAA.

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie, released in 2005, looks at the differences between the denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood, and the Heffalumps, cleared up after Roo becomes friends with a Heffalump named Lumpy.A sequel to this movie called Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie, was later released.. Lumpy the Heffalump later appears in the television program, My Friends Tigger & Pooh, on the Disney …


A Heffalump is heard trumpeting in the hundred acre woods. The film marked voice actor John Fiedler's final appearance as Piglet, as he died three months before release. He can (almost) never remember his full name, Heffridge Trumpler Brompet Heffalump, IV, hence he normally goes by "Lumpy."

Roo joins them and they all agree that Heffalumps are nearby after finding a huge footprint. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet are scared and rush to Rabbit's house for advice. Roo, the half-pint kangaroo, sets off on a solo journey to face and capture the dreaded Heffalump. Due to Lumpy's playful attitude, Pooh and his pals learn that heffalumps are not predators; heffalumps are prey and they are herbivores. Winnie the Pooh and the other lovable characters of the Hundred Acre Wood celebrate Halloween in POOH'S HEFFALUMP HALLOWEEN MOVIE, a delightful, sugar-coated spookfest. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie (also known as Pooh's Heffalump Halloween: The Movie) is a 2005 American animated direct-to-video film produced by Warner Bros. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie (also known as Pooh's Heffalump Halloween: The Movie) is a 2005 American animated direct-to-video film produced by DisneyToon Studios, featuring the characters from Winnie the Pooh franchise and the sequel to Pooh's Heffalump Movie. Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (film) An animated feature created by DisneyToon Studios. Animation, DisneyToon Studios and American Zoetrope, featuring the characters from Winnie the Pooh..

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